Persona RP-Moonrise

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  1. The city of Shibata has recently been plagued by mysterious circumstances. Many people there, mostly high school students, have become infected with a disease called 'Apathy Syndrome', which makes them unresponsive, pale, almost like zombies. By day, Shibata is calm, albeit crowded, but by night, the streets are deserted as of late. Due to mysterious incidents, involving sudden streaks of attacks on civilians and violence, the police have urged most people to stay indoors at night. Strange entities called shadows have been emerging from other planes of existence, and have been attacking people who go out at night. These shadows, instead of killing their victim completely, seem to "possess" them. Only a select few people, who have access to the power of Persona, can battle and defeat these Shadows.

    Yet, the shadows grow in number every month. And eventually, the public will find out exactly what happens when the moon rises...


    A Persona roleplay, not much else to say. o3o I'll post a character sheet if anyone shows any interest. ^^
  2. Call me interested.
  3. Hello! Thank you for showing an interest. ^^ If another person is interested, I'll post the OOC/Signup Thread.
  4. I have a character I've used before in Persona based RPs I've never truly been able to use.