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    You ever hear the story of Mister Truth?

    It started off as just a rumour. You know, the usual cutesy sort of bullshit high school kids peddle amongst their friends.

    Story goes there's this contact you can add on IM, some weird stream of incomprehensible characters and letters. If it accepts you as a contact, it will ask you a question.

    Somehow this contact knows you. The real you. That 'you' even you don't want to admit exists sometimes; all your dirty little secrets, all your little white lies, your hopes and dreams, triumphs and failures, your crushes and the people you secretly despise. This question will reflect this inexplicable knowledge.

    Answer truthfully, and you can ask one question in turn. And just as this contact knows you more intimately than your oldest friends, so it knows others as well. Want to know if that classmate of yours likes you back? The contact can tell you. Still trying to figure out who it was who spread that rumour that totally ruined you a couple years back? The contact can reveal this as well.

    But answer falsely, or lie?

    And you've got twenty-four hours to live. Because Mister Truth doesn't like liars or fools.

    At first, this was just a rumour. Some stupid little urban legend doing the rounds of Jung High School, Hallow Falls. Friends would tell it to each other, and like a virus it would spread. Some asshole joker would set up a fake Mister Truth account and try to fool people into giving away information. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Then the bodies started to be found.

    Haley Marshall was first. They found her in a field just outside of town, dressed in flowing robes and bound to an ornate chair. A crown had been soldered to her head, a sceptre tied to her right hand. The number '3' was carved into her head.

    Jared Watkins was next. He was discovered in the basement of an abandoned house, arms bound and hung upside down from the rafters, a slow and painful death. The number '12' was carved into his head.

    The third was Jenny Becks, found just last week in the old town park. Naked and holding two cups, her back hacked open and the skin pulled back to form fleshy wings. The number '14' was carved into her head.

    All of them local kids, all of them attending Jung High School.

    The town of Hallow Falls has it's very own serial killer on the loose. And what's more, the word is starting to circulate that the murders are connected to the story of Mister Truth.

    And a group of high school students may be the only ones who can stop it all...​

    This is a concept I've had floating around in the ol' brain-pan for quite a while now. Early days as it is, I'm wondering how much interest there is here on Iwaku for an RP based upon the Persona video game series.

    Please do let me know if this concept tickles your fancy.[/center]
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  2. Oh for fuck's sake, Grumpy, you magnificent bastard. :|

    You've taken the elements of P4 that I really liked and put a nice new spin on them. Color me intrigued. I am curious as to how you plan to bring the Persona aspect into it and get the gang together, as well as what sort of alternate reality you'll be implementing, if any (like Tartarus from P3 and the Midnight Channel world from P4).

    Tell me moooore.
  3. I would also like to know more, please. Namely in terms of PCs -- presumably the aforementioned cryptic high schoolers? I know nothing of this Persona world, but I like fun. Yay fun!
  4. Knowledge of the existing Persona universe is completely unnecessary, given that this game is set in the USA rather than Japan and is going to go in a bit of a different direction; I basically just wanted to take the concept and a few of the themes from the series and fuck around with them a bit.

    The central theme for Occultae Veritatis is the way we utilise modern technology like mobile phones and the internet, exploring the bizarre amount of information we post about our personal lives in a public place. The Persona-esque elements of the game will reflect this central theme, as will the alternate reality elements (yes, we're going to have those, because they're fucking cool). How that's going to work I'm still in the middle of figuring out, but panic not: it'll be there.

    And yeah, the player characters will be people attending the high school. How they all come together and how the Persona elements are introduced there will take a bit of work (we don't have a central character in a story like this but rather several central characters, and the design needs to reflect this), but I'm scheming for it as we speak.
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  5. Like Dot I don't know about Persona - but this sounds really interesting!
    Count me in!
  6. IT'S TOO LATE I'VE ALREADY LOOKED UP THE GAMES and purchased one on Amazon. =(

    EDIT: But, yeah, I'm in, too. Commas!
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  7. You're in for a good time. I generally dislike JRPGs, but Persona and the stuff by Atlus is an exception: they do good shit.
  8. Please Jesus, make this reality!
  9. Yes...I adore Persona...Yes completely!
  10. YES PLEASE. Sounds exciting! Don't know much about Persona, but I've watched bits of episodes over my roommate's shoulder!