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When Mari woke, she found herself within what appears to be a luxurious manor. However, everything inside the manor is frozen in ice - the walls, furniture, everything. "W-Where am I...?" Mari thought out loud. She looked down at her feet and noticed she had no shoes or socks. Standing up off the ground, Mari winced in pain from the frozen ground. "It hurts, doesn't it?" A two-toned voice emanated from seemingly nowhere asked Mari. The voice sounded exactly like her own but filled with malice and hate. "Who's there? C-Can you help me?" Mari scanned the area frantically to locate the owner of the voice but can see no one. "Help you? Why the hell would I do that? You're pathetic. You can't even help yourself, or, should I say myself." Mari's eyes widened as a figure came into her view: it was Mari, herself, but she possesses those ominous yellow eyes that belonged to her possessed classmates. "Y-You're me..."

"And I'm you... The part of you that you ignored for so long. But that ends now. You will acknowledge me! You will remember us for who we really are! Cowardly, weak, useless..."

Mari looked down at the floor hearing those words. "Why are you bringing any of this up...?"

"Because you keep forgetting." Shadow Mari approached the real Mari and encircled her. "You remember her, right? Or do I need to remind you of our 'captor'?"

Mari's eyes widened hearing that. "S-Stop it..."

"Stop? I can't let you forget. After all, she made us who we are. She'll never let us go and you're too weak to do anything about it. She'll be with us forever. Do you remember the time she took Dolly-"

"I said stop!"

Shadow Mari laughed deviously at Mari's reaction. "Get angry all you want. You won't actually do anything. 'Cause we're the perfect little, fragile doll she made us, right?!"
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Tadashi perception of time was slugish, not only that but the torment of his Shadow self reciprocating cornered him. It´s true he took those critical hits from his memories but it was all starting to fade, perhaps after facing this reality he was slowly crawling back. He takes a breath and draws his balled fist back. "That´s true. I changed myself way too many times. But it´s not all i´ve been doing."

He turns around and begins to walk the oposite direction, a door began to shape on that side aswell, but it still was far away from him. The shadow kept pursuing him, reflecting his image in mirrors on the walls, wearing different clothes and different hairstyles and dyes. "You´re going to say you had fun following others around to do what you didn´t like just so that you could fit in?" "Well no, I actually haven´t. But you know...There was that dog in my uncle´s house, he didn´t really bother with all those things and i didn´t felt obligated to play with him. I just did because I had fun . You know...Polly."

The barking of an australian shepherd echoes through the whole, fissuring the mirrors slightly. The keyboard smashing pounded out of pace for an instant and seemed to grow quietly agitated. "Bullshit! Animals are dumb, specially dogs! They´d play with anyone aslong as they get some atention and food." Tadashi began to cackle, a new mirror forming to meet him as obstacle with an angrier and more distorted reflection of him. "I don´t think so, I enjoyed it regardless. And that´s what matters, from now on I hold control of my life and not anyone else!" The shepherd now walks besides the student whom caresses behind its ear. "We can´t we are weak. We can´t! We can´t!" The voices kept stomping on each other. Meanwhile the dog leaps foward and breaks through the glass, Tadashi following right behind. They start to match each others pace untill finally they open a door with no room behind, only a black void, without second-guessing or feeling any fright both march through.

The door closes and the light from the hall shuts behind them. Theres a brief silence, and later, a green flash spark which unleashes what seems like a strong emerald cyclone that starts to tear through the dimension. Polly licks Tadashi´s right hand and spontanously becomes a mask which he swiftly places to cover his face, instinctively knowing what he is meant to do. "PERSONA!" The black void finally shatters by the violent torrent of wind, returning to what it seemed like the hellish place where him and the rest were assaulted. Suddenly the emeral current seems to suck and whip into a single point materializing a slender gnomish sized fellow (if compared proportionaly to sigurd) with his face remaining hidden in shadows casted by a red hood hat and long sleeved blue sweater, a fat nose pocking from inside and sharp fierce blue eyes looking from within the darkness. The sleeves rolled back when thrusting his arms up to juggle with the gale of Garu. He whips the spell against one of the creatures creeping towards Arashi. I am thou and thou art I....From the sea of thy soul, I, come. To you I bestow my identity, Rumpelstiltskin, weaver of wishes!


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Kaito moved with a determination that was clearly forced. He was unnerved by this eerily large place. At a glance it might have seemed like his home but that was easily discarded as you saw the place in greater detail. He had noticed that to the sides of the halls it was not uncommon to find books. Single large tome like ones and stacks of hefty volumes. When he had tried look in one he found it was incomprehensible with the title, "Math 2398". The inside was near complete gibberish of what seemed to be completely fabricated mathematical formulas. He would have studied the bizarre book longer but he was having trouble keeping his focus on it. The reason of course was his own tainted voice that refused to shut up. He had lost sight of 'Himself' a while back but that didn't stop the voice. He had seen 'himself' behind other barred passages but he would hastily move to avoid him. The voice grated, not necessarily the sound though that surely didn't help... it was what it said. Things someone else shouldn't know... things he couldn't stand to hear.

It went on this way for too long. While it felt like hours it was probably much less... Time is relative of course. Finally he found something... A door. Not the one of thick iron bars like the previous doors had been. But one of wood painted a pure white. He knew this door, he had knocked on it many times before when he was younger. He stepped forward more out of habit than anything else and rapped on the door three times. Suddenly he felt silly. There would be no answer... his brother was gone. But against all logic a voice did ring out, "It's open." He was startled. He knew that voice. Quickly with shaky hands he opened the door and flung himself in.

Had his mind been calm he would have taken note of how the environment around him had shifted. Instead of the cool lively room he had expected to enter he was outdoors. In a forest with trees as far as they eye could see. It was summer and the forest was full of life. This all was lost on him. Standing before him was his brother smiling at him. Radiant was the only word that could come to mind. "There's no need to be scared." His brother said. He was calm and collected as usual despite the scene in front of them. A large bear stared between the two of them curiously. Kaito's breath caught. He knew this. He knew this too well. Taking a step forward his brother held out a hand towards the bear. Calmly as if he was certain of what he was doing. "It's just curious." As if his words were beckoning the bear eased forward. It was easily larger than him and his brother combined. Looking at the two of them for a moment the bear got close. Close enough that Kaito felt the panic he once had. But his brother shining in a radiant light let out a low laugh. "That's right. It's fine." His voice was like silk. Finally he rested his hand on the bears head. The bear seemed confused but not angry. Turning a smile towards Kaito he said, "Come on over it's fine." Kaito edged slowly forward he was tense. But... his brother said it was okay. It was all okay. Bringing his hand forward he shakily rested it on the calm beasts head. With a laugh like honey his brother said, "See?"

As if the word was a trigger the glow from his brother grew brighter. It shattered the ambient darkness he had been vaguely aware of. "Persona..." The word slipped from his mouth. But it had power. It was a power that he felt swelling up within him. Light ripped the shadow from his body as he was suddenly back in the dark twisted world. The others were fighting. He didn't plan to let them fight alone. Reaching up he touched a mask that he had known was there. He could ponder how he had come about that knowledge later. His attention was drawn to one of the dark beings that had set it's sights on him. It was dark... unnatural. "Cu Chulainn." The name itself was like a summon as a point of light came into being. Kaito felt something speak within him. A firm voice full of conviction, "I am thou, thou art I." With a burst of speed it surged forward and slammed into the dark beast. It was only then that he noticed what looked like a knight in front of him. The beast seemed to be pierced by a spear... and after a moment light started to surge from the spear into the creature. It overflowed the monster in front of him. It swelled and after a moment as if a balloon it burst in a flash of light. Once again the voice rang out. "From the sea of thy soul I come. Vigilant to realities cruel fate, I am Cu Chulainn, breaker of bonds." This was his power.


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Shin's fists found nothing but air as he hurled himself towards his 'foe'. Yet again he found himself falling. Just before him was his own image, hands in pockets, and shit eating grin on his, or, it's face. "Is this really the first fucking reaction to always go with? 'Things aren't going my way so let's punch it?'. Pathetic." The mocking him pulls out photographs, snapshots of Shin's past. "Can you even remember with how many knocks to the head you've taken?"

The ground rose up with force, mud partially swallowing Shin. He struggles at pulling himself out, body screaming at the lack of oxygen. A sharp gasp of air later, and some hacking up inhaled mud, Shin glares around. The area was an old home of his. Or, rather, the forest behind it. "Remember this place? Shit, man! Our parents tried real hard didn't they. Invite everyone from school! But... they weren't really in the know, were they?" There were calls around the entire perimeter of the forest. Despite himself, Shin paled.

"Children are always some of the worst, aren't they? And new meat. Hell they might as well be predators." Shin stands as rocks begin pelting the area, looking for a direction to take cover in. Barely able to see where he was heading, Shin flees the sound of the voices, cursing as he heard his own directing them. "There!" "That way!" He almost didn't hear the voice that said "Hide Here." But his attention was drawn to the hole in the hillside. Scrambling within, Shin struggled to slow his breathing, straining to hear past the beating of his own heart. Something shuffled past him, a ball of heat and fur. The sound of the children running past elicits a sigh of relief from Shin. He struggled to remember what was real for several moments. It was like this was some kind of horrible retelling of his past. But... that was just it, wasn't it? He had been here, but at the same time it wasn't this bad. For fucking certain there wasn't some kind of shadow-y him floating around. The kids had had foam swords, not rocks. He looks to the creature also in the hole with him. Some kind of Boar. It regards him as he looks to it.

"You weren't here either. I mean, this hole was, but you? Nah." Strangely calm, Shin touches the boar's head. Pulling his hand back, the Boar disappears, becoming some kind of mask. Shin stares blankly at it, before something comes to his mind. "Per... sona?" "I art Thou." Shin's head snaps up as he sees something beyond the opening of the boar den. "Thou art I. From the sea of thy soul I come." A man with wings of metal was before Shin. "Craftsman of a better tomorrow, I am Wayland, I give to you my name."
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