Persona: A search for companions

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  1. Let's Do This!

    Persona: A Canon and Original Search!
    Seeking Skilled Companions

    How may you join this adventure?
    What awaits you?
    The ABC of wooing Scatter into playing with you!
    Mission Statement:
    Alright, ladies and fellas! This night we rumble against unseen horrors, this night we chat pretty strangers this night... we go to High School?!

    That's right, all of these are the foundation of a good Persona roleplay, with action, romance and comedy mingling with the crushing certainty that anything you do won't matter in the end; you're just prolonging the torment. The parameters are clear; You must be motivated, friendly and able to post quite often at least a couple of full, satisfying paragraphs.

    The night will be long, and the days will pass on the blink of an eye, yet we must be vigilant! Here we are not focusing of cozying up to some pretty face, we are looking into forming lasting and unbreakable bond for the sake of survival, nothing more, nothing less. Will you get lost in the dark, or will you prevail until the inevitable end?

    Acceptable Player Characters:
    It's quite simple, once again; you can choose from the casts of either Persona 3 or 4, or make your own. Of course, the plot will change as we go along, that it may be a brand new setting and mystery or a well worn and loved one.

    Now, steel those nerves, steady that hand and push that trigger, finding the card.

  2. What kind of role-play were you looking for exactly? AU or in-game time line? Any pairings/romance, or more of an action based role-play?
  3. Oh my, a reply!

    I am up for anything remotely related to that series, mostly. I mainly look for an enjoyable ride with complex characters and exciting events!
  4. My mind is scrambled yet still I crave a few Persona 4 roleplays. Whhhyy!? ;A;
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.