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  1. Hello all, thought I'd post a new Libertine search thread as my requirements are a little different for Libertine RPs. I'm not new to smut, but I rarely write it/roleplay it so it might be fun. Although I'll say this now: I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DECLINE YOU OR STOP IF I FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE.. I will need some sort of a plot, I can't just do 100% smut.

    I have a website here with my normal requirements and pairings, if you see anything you like there, we can discuss that instead.

    • I'd like at least one reply a day, maybe more if we're both online!
    • Good spelling/grammar
    • At least 1 detailed paragraph per post, and to be able to do more if the plot requires it!
    • I'd prefer to just do one character each with me playing the female, but if we double I'm happy to play a male for you.
    • For school plots, I only set them in the UK, so you need to be good with that! (I can give you info)

    Things I like off the top of my head:
    • vanilla
    • passionate
    • light bondage (blindfold, hand/feet binds etc)
    • rough sex
    • dom/sub
    • non-con or psedou rape (sometimes)
    Things I don't like off the top of my head:
    • blood
    • scat
    • gore
    • vore
    Run other kinks by me and I'll see what I make of them - I'll give you my F-List when I eventually make one too!

    Pairings that I might be interested in (bold is preferred role but I might negotiate, * indicates craving)

    • Actor/celebrity x Fan (will be done with OCs, I can play either role, preferably lighthearted)
    • Teacher x Student (can be lighthearted or dark)
    • Assistant teacher x Headmaster/mistress (probably dark)
    • Boss x Employee (can be lighthearted or dark)
    • Furry (preferably a feline/canine) x Human (can be lighthearted or dark, must have a good plot)
    • Furry (preferable a feline/canine) x Furry (feline) (can be lighthearted or dark, must have a good plot)
    • Older cousin x younger cousin (manipulation of younger cousin, so probably dark)***
    • Survivor x survivor (apocalyptic situation, preferably not zombies! maybe their immune from a pandemic? maybe they've reached an island suitable for life after nuclear war? anything like that)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.