Perfect prom dress?

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    What do y'all think? Isn't his pretty damn cool? I wouldn't be able to do that? Do you think it is pretty? Would you wear it? What was your prom dress like? Have you ever made your own dress?

    Is your roleplay character crafty? Do they like to make things? Characts, just like humans, should have hobbies? What is your character's hobby? Would they make something like this? Have you ever had a character go to prom?

  2. It's certainly... creative. I would think it would be an awfully noisy dress and uncomfortable to sit on, but what do I know?
    My prom dress for the prom I actually made plans for was super. I even took some senior pictures in it.

    The only roleplay prom I sort of did was Diana's Teen Dress Shop...
  3. D'awwww! SO PRETTY
  4. Your dress is lovely Kitty:D

    It's a cool idea and must have been quite unique at her prom but I don't think I'd wear it:D In Sweden, or at least not in my school, we don't have prom like in other countries, we just dressed up in nice clothes, mostly in white, and get our final grades. Then we where droven around the small town near our school on decorated trailers pulled by tractors, it was quite fun actually.

    I do tend to dress my characters in dresses more often than I myself would ever wear because I like dresses but don't think I look good in them. So far I have not had a character that went to prom but it could be fun. I do have some characters that are good at making things though perhaps not a dress.
  5. Dat dress is rad, and I want it. ._. I'd shimmy all night in it, even if it was cutting into my skin. :D YAY SODA TABS.

    I went to three proms in high school. And then one this past year for the LGBT community at college.
    Unfortunately, I do not have all my prom pictures on here. D: I do have junior and senior year ones though.. kinda. Not the best quality.
    sophomore year, was dating a senior so went, was a blueish/teal dress. More aqua, actually. I'd have to say I can't choose between my junior and senior year ones.. Purple, man. Purple.
    And the Pride Prom dress was a refitted version of the dress I wore to sophomore year homecoming. -nod-

    Dress stuff (open)
    Da back was my favorite part.

    Senior year:
    chillen with bff Lana before dancing for the rest of the night again. 8D

    Pride Prom:

    And, also. - w- I was super good at deals on dresses. I never spent that much, to be honest. And they were quite worth it. <3
    I was happiest when going to dances. And still am happiest at dances. o wo

    But, I digress.
    Never made my own. o wo no. My senior prom was da best. I stopped dancing only once to nibble a carrot, then danced all night. I love dancing.
    Pride Prom was stellar though too. I learned how to waltz, and danced all night again. ^^~ Sophomore year was on a boat, so hot and sweaty, eh. Junior year was.. eh. Senior year was in the museum of science and industry in Chicago, so, super super super effing killer.
    All dances I danced. Like nuts. Like forever.
    I live for music. o wo MUSIC IS ME. LALALALA.
    Or something.

    In a roleplay, I have totally had my characters gone to proms before, when the roleplay calls for a prom.
    I think it's awesome. I enjoy converting my love of dancing into roleplay any chance I get. So... It's always a win for me.
    I have played the awkward wallflower girl/boy, the hot shot confident boy, and the elegant, dainty female prom-goer.
    I like to switch it up sometimes.
    That is NOT dancing. >:C NO.

    soyeah. - w-
    I love prom talk. <3

    I LOVE IT.
    > W<
    I can't express enough how AWESOMELY WONDERFULLY SUPERB dat picture is!
  6. actually i can make a few things nothing that big but i have been known to turn a normal gas mask into a cyber goth gas mask even with lights.. ^_^
    but well i have never been to any school dance the only one i could have gone to i was hurt the day of the dance
    so i have never really gotten to were dresses like that but never fret i have been dress shopping with my friends who where going to prom and i know i actually look cute in pinkish ones
  7. This is me, last's year prom.