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  1. Hello, person I probably have yet to meet! I'm looking to make some new friends. Or, at least, hunt myself up a few new partners.

    I have decided, since my ideas seem to rotate so quickly, that it would be easier to just have one, massive conglomeration of ideas than to try and make an individual interest check for each one that comes up. I will try my best to keep things neat, organized, and easily to follow (maybe with colors!), but there is probably destined to be a lot of text hidden in spoilers. If words scare you, you have been warned!

    About the Author (open)

    My partners are important to me, and I hate it when I start a story with someone and we learn that we are not compatible with each other. Therefore, I offer this handy little overview of myself.

    I am a senior in high school with very few time commitments. So, while I won't be able to post during the day, I'll be around all evening, for the most part. This means, barring unforeseen circumstances or a sudden bout of laziness, I'll happily offer a reply every day, or multiple times a day if I don't have many other replies to see to.

    I am quite patient. I would rather wait three days for a detailed and well thought out post than go back and forth several times in one evening and have the quality steadily deteriorate. That does not mean that I don't enjoy quick replies. I love them. If I don't have any replies to work on, I am left quietly drifting in a sea of unused words. That is no fun. All I'm trying to say here is that I won't rush you.

    I might struggle with romance. I know this is a deal-breaker for some people, so that is why I marked it in red. I can do deep, meaningful partnerships. I can do love-hate, maybe. But pure, sweet, romance is not my forte. Not in the least. If it develops naturally, if I could see my character slowly approaching that mindset, then it might happen. But I will never make a story where the characters are expected to fall in love. Even if one of us plays a guy and the the other a girl.

    I am very fond of writing, so most of my posts will have multiple paragraphs. My introductory post will probably range from 1,000 to 2,000 words. If there is no interaction between our characters it will probably be around, above or below, 1,000. While it is true that I prefer quality over quantity I am remarkably fond of imagery. So long as it isn't pointless a little bit of description fluff will probably go over quite well.

    I do not do fandoms. Sorry. I have only ever done one fandom, and that was only because I wanted to use its religion. I am perfectly happy to take a story as a source of inspiration, I do it all the time, but I do not believe that any story that is already created has everything perfect. I like being able to make a change to something, and I can't do that with a fandom. You would have to be incredibly persuasive, and have a brilliant plot, to get me to try it.

    I have an obsession with details. I love to list, and organize, and make sure I know things. Even if it is something that seems highly unlikely to ever actually turn up, I like to know it. That way, when it does, I can cackle happily and include it. Depending on how creative we want to get with our story, you will have to be quite patient with the planning process. Because, if it exists, I will want to understand it as best I can.

    As far as mature themes, I am fine with anything except sex. Iwaku rules make this a little easier for me, but I would much prefer to suggest that sex is to happen then detail it happening. Keep the swearing, blood, and gore tasteful, and we will get along well. I'm not squeamish about violence.

    If there is anything else you would like to know about me before deciding whether or not we would make good partners, feel free to ask away.

    Expectations for you!

    I need a partner who is capable of matching what I offer in terms of post length and quality. That is all I truly care about. It isn't fun when I take several hours to write up a post, and only get a paragraph in response. That doesn't mean I expect it all the time; I most certainly don't. Sometimes there just isn't that much you can say, and I certainly don't believe in an enforced word count. Just so long as you are willing and able, we will get along well. I probably won't ask for a sample, especially not if you aren't brand new, so I'm trusting you to know your own abilities.

    There are certainly a few things I would like as well. I would love an active partner. I have no life, so posting becomes my life. I would really appreciate being able to chat with you. Stories are one thing, but the people behind the stories are just as important. I would welcome someone who wants to participate in the planning process. I can make up everything myself, but I want to make sure this is a story we would both enjoy.

    I would also like someone who can stand to their ideas. I sometimes accidentally get a little aggressive in expressing my ideas, and I don't realize later until I'm doing it. I'm not going to hate you if you disagree with me, I promise. In fact, I encourage it as fully as I can. Disagreement makes things better, because we are both imputing ideas.

    But all that isn't why you came here. You want the story ideas!

    I can do that.

    If I mark a genre with a (?) it means I have a modification that could include that genre, but it isn't necessary.

    Fragile Hopes (open)

    Possibly taken, but on hold. Still feel free to ask.

    Genres: Apocalyptic . Fantasy (?) . Action . Adventure (?) . Slice-of-Life (?)
    Background: Hundreds of years ago, this planet was a thriving habitat of humanity. People covered the whole world, built marvels of architecture, fought wars against each other, lived in a society very similar to what we have now. No one knows where the first sentient tree came from. Most likely, it evolved in the depths of some jungle. If someone invented it, that person never lived to tell the tale. At first the tree was peaceful enough. It grew, and began to reproduce. And then it reached the edge of its jungle home. And encountered the first human it had ever known. It met this human when a machine chopped it down.

    All of the trees were connected, and this invasion, this attack, was felt all through the jungle. And so the war began. Most of humanity did not take the threat seriously. After all, what damage could a tree do? They cut down trees all over the world, hacked apart in seconds what took hundreds of years to grow. There was no worry. No matter how fast the plants grew, even if their branches could move and spear a person from fifteen paces, humanity could keep up. In fact, it was free wood. And for a while, this was so. Until the trees found a way to fight back.

    They took the water. All of it. Absorbed it into themselves and held it. The signs weren't obvious at first. Withered plants, dry livestock troughs and wells. And then, suddenly, there was no water. And humanity began to perish.

    When the trees reached the ocean, it was all over. Humanity's grand civilization was over-run. They were isolated from each other, surrounded by deadly trees. And water became the ultimate resource.

    There is only one way to get water now. The trees bleed it. And so, every day, water-hunters, the ultimate warriors, plunge to the edge of the forest, beating back the trees that have grown since yesterday and draining as much water as they can from the corpses. It is a deadly job, but with no hunters the crops will wither, people will die with their bloated tongues sticking to the roof of their mouth. Hunting is the only way to survive now.

    Plot: I have no specific plot for this idea. I never actually got that far. I could see taking two young characters and watching them grow and live. I could see sending our characters out into the great jungle on some sort of coming-of-age or initiation, and them getting sidetracked by something. I could see making a race of human-tree hybrids looking to find a way to make peace. This is one of the few situations where I could see dumping in a character from an alternate (presumably our) dimension. There is a lot of possibility.

    Supernatural of London (open)

    Got one, but I'll still take another.

    Genres: Modern . Supernatural . Psychological . Horror(?)

    Something that Describes Something: I have been wanting to do a gritty supernatural roleplay for a very long time now. And I have never actually gotten around to it. Now is the perfect time to start. But I truly do want this to be a gritty story. I'm not looking to romanticize it. I want this to be a story about isolation, inner devils, white and black and grey. Murder and blood and guilt and hate and fear. All wrapped up into one lovely burrito.

    I have no idea what to do for plot. I don't even know what I am looking for in terms of supernatural creatures. And it certainly doesn't have to be set in London. You know what I am looking for. We can build from there.

    Dreams of Days (open)

    Genres: Modern . Supernatural . Single Protagonist Tale . Psychological . Action . Horror(?)

    Introduction: It was a day that began like any other. As a matter of fact, it began exactly like every other. This was the 127th Thursday I had been forced to face in a row. It was supposed to have been exactly like any other Thursday. I never expected anything else, never dreamed anything else was possible. Classes, study hall, perhaps a get-together with some friends over lunch, homework, sleep, television and computer games. Two more days until the weekend, two more days to slog my way through. But it was a day destined for chaos, an unending stream of chaos, an unending stream of the same day.

    That very first Thursday, I was in such a panic that I couldn’t grasp anything that was going on. I was convinced that it was all some sort of hallucination, that at some point I would resurface, perhaps locked in some nice, safe, padded cell. But the day ended in blood. So much blood. Mine painted the walls as well. And then it was the same day all over again. My roommate, blasting the same music in his rude wake-up call. The same words, dragging me out of bed. And I accepted that memory of a yesterday that had yet to exist as some sort of nightmare. And at the same I wondered, I feared. Could it happen again? And then, at the exact minute, the very same second, my world went to hell all over again. I tried to do it differently, tried to make a better ending. But it was unintelligible, and nothing changed. Nothing that really mattered, anyways.

    I understand better now, what is going on. I’ve had the time to pick up the details, to sort through the wealth of information I have been able to gather, even as the same day passes by over and over again. After all, I have nothing but time anymore. See, there is this war going on, hidden from the general populus. And it is almost, almost like the stories. Everyone knows these stories now. Supernatural, The Mortal Instruments, Fringe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, our media is littered with it. And some of it is even true. Supernatural creatures exist in our world. And there are humans who have dedicated themselves to hunting them down. But that doesn’t mean all these hunters get along. Not even close.

    You would think, with all the dangers facing humanity, that those fighting for its survival would be willing to work together. But such is not our wont. The hunters are split among themselves. There is a group of hunters, small, but growing in power, who believe that they have found a way to obliterate all of the supernatural from the world. Perhaps even forever. But that method would quite possibly destroy three quarters of the human population, maybe even more. But they believe that it is worth it. It will guarantee humanity’s safety. We can rebuild and flourish, safe, they say. How can they not take that opportunity? The ritual is not an easy thing to accomplish, but they are getting closer.

    Then there is the group of hunters that tries to sue for peace. The war is devastating and useless, they say. Why must it continue to be fought, until the end of time? They look to bind the supernatural and the hunters together, force them to work with each other to hunt down those who are out of line. Hunt down those out of line on both sides. Some of the supernatural might even be willing to agree. It would mean an end to most of the bloodshed, but it would require many of the hunters, who have this war engraved into every nerve, to quit their blind purge of the supernatural ranks. So that is why they fight. When the opposition is gone, they believe, or if things get too nasty, everything will fall neatly into place. Some sort of accords will be put in place, and peace will slowly grow, and the distrust may begin to fade. How can that not be the perfect ending, the perfect new beginning?

    And then there are the classic hunters, the ones who want to return to the way that things were done before all of these new ideas came around. Nothing good ever comes when humans attempt to change the business. The supernatural should not be touched, not to harm the supernatural themselves, and certainly not to work with them. They are to be exterminated like the monsters they are, the way it has always been done. All those other hunters, they dare believe that they are going to make things better, when all of history shows that their meddling will only make things worse. And these hunters must fight to make sure that chaos never comes to be.

    They are in a three-way war, everyone hell bent on destroying everyone else. And woe to any bystanders who get in the way. And those hunters who choose not to pick a side? Who just want to be left to their own business? They aren’t left alone either. If you aren’t with them, you are against them. After all, why risk letting someone choose the other side? That will be one more enemy to face. They have had to band together, those who did not pick a side, simply to survive all the new enemies. In a way, they have almost become their own unique side. And it is never easy for a group of people used to working alone to suddenly have to work together. They do their best to stay out of this dirty business, but sometimes it drags them in anyways. And sometimes they have no choice but to go to it.

    And then there are are the supernatural themselves. And hell only knows what they expect or want out of all of this. But they don’t dare wait on the sidelines and see if the hunters will just exterminate themselves. If things go the wrong way they all lose. All of this chaos also presents the perfect opportunity for some of them to wreak their own havoc. How could they pass up that chance?

    And how can I know all this, and see from the perspective of all sides? Why, all of them are here, destroying my college and my life. It turns out there was some artifact buried deep under this college, and all of them want to get their hands on it. The magic of that artifact might be enough for the tide of the war to turn in their direction. But they don’t know that I already have it, that I touched it that very first Thursday, and it is the thing that has trapped me in this loop.

    I know how to get out. I know what I need to do. But I can’t. The only way to move on is to accept one of these days as reality, to force it into a true existence. But how can I pick a day? How, when they all end in carnage, where someone who deserves to live dies, and someone who might deserve to die lives? Maybe if I keep trying, maybe if I take all this experience I have slowly been gathering, maybe if I do everything just right, I can find a day that does not end in tragedy. And I can make that my reality.

    Or maybe these nightmare days will go on and on forever, without that happy ending. Maybe all the blood, all the violence will eventually dull my empathy enough that it won’t matter what day I pick. I just won’t care anymore. Maybe I’ll be the person to destroy everyone, and be the only soul to walk out alive. Because I’m not the same person I was anymore. Even though to everyone else I’ve had no time to change. They can’t know the countless hells I’ve experienced, the shit I’ve gone through, the carnage I’ve seen. And I forgive them for that. Forgive them, and curse them.

    Damn them all to hell.

    The Special Thing: For the most part, I am going to let that introduction speak for itself. There are a few holes in it, most notably around the factions of hunters, which we will need to fill in, but I think it turned out very well overall. But there is a rather trixy aspect to this story, which is what I am thinking is going to chase most potential partners away. There is only one main character. Who, unless you have no fondness for protagonists, will have to be shared. One of us will have the main duty of controlling him, while the other is in charge of other characters and making sure that the world stays constant as the day repeats, but I am imagining that no matter who the roles get dished out to, we will both want to have some influence over him. I’m fine if you have never done such a thing before. I haven’t either. But it needs to be something you are willing to work with.

    Soul Swords (open)

    You'd be third in line. Ask if you dare. :)

    Genres: Fantasy . Action

    Background: This world is loosely based off of a oneshot manga I read, so has a lot of elements similar to feudal Japan. But what makes this world special is that there are a number of magic swords, created at the beginning of the universe, called soul swords. These soul swords are quite powerful, and bond to a human's soul, granting them the ability to use the sword's power in combat and daily life. The Emperor of this age, terrified of the power of the soul swords, issued a decree that would lock up all the soul swords. He set a massive reward for anyone who would bring one in, and made it illegal to possess a sword. However, no one who has a soul sword would willingly hand one over, because it is a death sentence. When the soul sword binds to a human soul, it is forever entwined. Forcibly removing it means certain death. The king also offered a pardon to anyone who had a soul sword bound to them, so long as they would bring in three other swords, and swear fealty to the emperor. He would send them out hunting soul swords again, trusting that they would eventually be killed, and the swords brought to him to be locked up. Multiple swords can bind to one person. When they do, those additional swords can take on an alternate appearance other than a sword. Losing a secondary soul sword does not kill the wielder, so that is how it is possible to hand them over to the emperor. So long as one is still bonded, the human soul will remain intact.

    Plot: I have several possibilities for this, but one I like best, so I'll give that one to you. Your character would have a soul sword bound to them, and would already have handed over "her" three swords. Supposedly one of the few to complete the task, the emperor names her one of his official bounty hunters, and sends her after a powerful rogue sword-wielder. My character. She finds him, and tries to kill him, but loses. My character, however, does not kill yours, but rather forces her to travel with him. She must stay close to him, and aid him in his battles, until she can kill him. Which he, of course, has no intention of letting happen. However, your character is your own prerogative, and I don't want to get in the way of your creative process. I'm happy to modify this in almost any way, so long as my character stays a dangerous rogue.

    I am always looking for adaptations, so never assume anything is set in stone. Ask away, on any idea up here. If it really doesn't work for me, I will let you know.

    Not so fond of these particular ideas, but like the way my mind works? I am always open to meeting someone who has a unique, original idea to offer me. I really appreciate being contacted by people, and will always do my best to work with you. So long as you will be willing to accept my adaptations, we will do well.

    I hope you are all having a great new year, and have a good day.
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  2. I'm busy at the moment, but I will be coming back for that "Supernaturals in London" idea. I've been dying to play a gritty, super dark story. Horror is completely welcome. :D
  3. Looking forward to it! Why don't you message me when you get a chance?

    In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure:

  4. I'm interested in building a plot for your Assassin idea:)
  5. Excellent! Why don't you message me, and we can get to planning soon?
  6. Hello Peregrine - I'm new to the site, but definitely not new to roleplaying. I liked what I saw there too, reading over your author's list of 'preferences' as well.

    At first I was drawn to the Assassins piece, but since that seems to be already (or imminently?) underway? I think I could certainly help flesh out something for Penny in the Well if you're still interested.
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  7. Hello, and nice to meet you. Most of my ideas up there have been taken, and it is probably about time to add some new stuff. I'll go ahead and PM you, and we can start some planning, and figure out what plot we want to do!
  8. I'd also like to submit my name for interest, assuming you're not swamped. I'm willing to wait in line. =)