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    Justin has been at camp half blood for a year though he never liked to show who he was. He was only an unclaimed child at fourteen he would have to be claimed as what he was told. He just traveled around the camp then he found at the gates of the place is good for them. Justin just thought of how the barrier would work and he sighed as he looked at the place he hasn't left in years for an unknown reason and he was ready to do things.

    He had to live in the Hermes cabin for a long time since he was alone here he liked it. He usually slept away from the cabin and on a roof of a building. Though that could always be not exact. He just wanted something different in the world.
  2. Alegia sighed as she pulled her light brown hair behind her head, She was rather old looking even though she was only seventeen years old with light brown hair and blue eyes the color of morning sky. She had been just dropped at camp half-blood by her grandmother, an eldery with thinning gray hair and the same color eyes as hers, though they weren't related.

    "I suppose this is the place, I mean it looks like it." Alegia said shaking her head as she shrugged her demin jacket over her shoulder and walked across the park, humming a melody to herself as she did so. She blinked as she noticed a couple campers running around with a strange creature who had a horse like body. "Weird." she mumbled and walked towards the cabin, knocking on the door a couple times.
  3. Justin was just relaxing until something caught his eye. A young and beautiful woman entering the camp. She looked new though if she entered the barrier it means she's a demigod. He then saw her walk to the Hermes cabin.

    He soon jumped off the roof to greet himself. "Hello I'm Justin and I see your sin- I mean new here, if I may ask how old are you because it makes me wonder" he said to her holding his hand out to shake hers. Sure he was a person to not really follow rules but he wondered who her parent was.
  4. Alegia glanced up as Justin walked across the grass to meet her and she puffed out her cheeks as she was asked her age. "I'm seventeen if you must know, going to be eighteen in a couple more months." she said smiling proudly as she crossed her arms over her chest and smiled as she looked up at Justin.

    "Where exactly are we in the first place, this place is so strange with all the mythical...creatures running about, it makes my head hurt just thinking about this place. I was at home relaxing and trying to get over this sickening feeling in my stomach and then I end up here." Alegia explained as she looked up at him, she was mostly rambling at this point trying to keep her nerves as calm as possible.
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