People You'll Meet Playing D&D

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  2. I wish I had time + people to play D&D with.
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  3. Well, I'm not any of these at all. :P

  4. I've always wanted to try playing D&D. I almost had something set up, but then they all dropped out and I ended up moving. On my bucket list though.
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  5. What a bunch of nerds.
  6. I once played with a shitty DM. She tried to force a succubus on my character as a love interest, several times. Eventually, I cut its arms and legs off and threw it in a river.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I wish I had people to play D&D with.

    Only time I played my character peed on an orc trying to scale out of a pit, causing him to fall to his death.
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  9. I sometimes take the role of the rule quoting guy. I also do fun things like stealing from other party members when I play characters that would do so, so that one applies too. As an extension of that, I do things in character that make absolutely no sense out of character, up to and including suicidally stupid things.

    I'm fun to play with, I swear. 8D
  10. Thankfully I'm not any of those yet. Might turn into elf lady if I get more confident though XD
  11. A typical encounter with my 4th Edition group:

    Me (Blackguard) and Greg (also Blackguard) run in guns blazing, imedietly get surrounded by enemies and just barely manage to survive.

    John (Wizard), throws a fireball to help, attracts the attention of something, proceeds to hide for the rest of the encounter.

    Tim (Druid), builds a nature's grove, then proceeds to absolutely fail at doing anything else.

    Eliot (Some kind of sorcerer I think?), uses spells and moves to literally break the game, causing enemies to walk off of building and shoot themselves.
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  12. I REALLY want to play D&D once. I hope to get together with some noobs once and try it out.

    It'll be stupid, that's for sure.
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  13. Some highlights from my first D&D game (3.5e):

    We fight a band of orc bards (dressed in 'hair metal' attire). Our druid summons a whale. It lands on them and they throw it back at us. I spend the entirety of the fight grappling with one of the orc bards, making awful rolls.

    We fight a vampire. Our mage critically fails his fire spell roll and instead of incinerating the vampire, destroys the druid's snake familiar/staff. "Burn, you monster of the ni- OHMYGOD A SNAKE KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

    Our Warrior leaves halfway through the campaign. His character is dragged out of our coastal camp in the middle of the night by krakens (presumably). Nobody cares. I get his sword.

    Campaign ends abruptly (as the school year ends) with the Ragnarok. My character gets possessed by Loki. Our Bard tries reading from some magical book to try to stop the Apocalypse. I steal it and pop off to some pocket dimension and start to read it, only to realize, as an Orc, I am illiterate. I return to the real world only to find that the Bard is dead from some falling meteor or something. I drop the book on his corpse.
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  14. That sounds pretty metal, if I say so myself.
  15. ... Just dawned on I'm technically the first example too. XD
  16. Too real.

  17. I hate spoilers "I already did this module" guy.

    I hate 18 18 18 0 0 0 guy.

    Blonde chick and over-the-top roleplayer chick are cute AF.

    EDIT: Roll20: Online virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPGs and board games Allows online play for D&D and other tabletop games. If you really want to play a D&D-type roleplaying game, why not get together some folks on Iwaku and give it a shot? :) It's as simple as starting a Skype group, digging up the "SRD" rule website, and figuring out who wants to be DM!
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  18. [2]

    For those who don't think it's possible I'm already in 2 Campaigns made by Iwaku people (and 4 total if you include non-Iwaku groups).

    ... Though before anyone asks no I'm not free for any more campaigns.
    I decided 4 at a time is my limit.
  19. So I'm special enough that throwing rocks at danger beasts isn't a type of people.... YAY!!!!
  20. I know about Roll20.

    Now just to find the time...
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