People Against Size 1! PAS1!

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  1. Dear members and associates. SIZE 1 is a terrible, terrible epidemic that not only affects the people that use it, but the readers who must lay their eyes on this sizable tragedy. ;_;

    Have you read through a thread and then come across a post that is in SIZE 1? Force to lean closer to your screen, squint, or dare I say it.... increase the size of your browser text or copy-paste it somewhere just to read it?

    Are you a SIZE 1 user, using the SIZE 1 because you are trying to look small, meek, and go unnoticed? Afraid that having the same text size of everyone means you're totally lame, or you feel like your posts are not worth reading?

    WELL, SIZE 1 NO MORE! Your posts ARE worthy! Let your posts be readable by all! Spare the geezers their squinty eyes! Size 1 is an enhancement, not a shield to hide behind! FREE YOURSELF FROM THE SIZE 1 DISEASE!

    Friends don't let their friends SIZE 1. ;__; Stop the madness.
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  2. HERE! HERE!

    Especially us already wearing glasses!
  3. Oh, Miss Diana. I couldn't have phrased that any better. *raises a fist in support of this*

    Hate those teensy fonts.
  4. hell yeah!
  5. It's not that fucking small, shit, you old people complain aobut everything.
  6. Small font is the worst. *Joins the party*
  8. Nope. >:[
  9. Can we make it our sub-goal to stop people from using text that has no contrast against the background in the forum or Cbox?
  10. Can we ban said no contrast-text colours from the cbox and tell people to put on some lights if it's so terrible on their eyes?
  11. **Feeds Diana her applesauce**
    It's ok. The little fonts won't hurt you anymore.
  12. *Throws her applesauce on the floor.* I don't want spaghetti! D:
  13. *kicks Kitti in the ovaries*

  14. Yeah, death to the Size1-ers!
  15. **Pushes Asmo down a flight of stairs**
    You're just OLD.
    I stopped making my font small already, Pops.
  16. This thread is even more pointless than the stuff posted in insanity. :yeti:
  17. I couldn't agree more.

    See, this is what happens when you post every little thought you have in General. It just turns into another Insanity. I warned you all this would happen, dammit! I warned you!
  18. Only, UNLIKE Insanity, General threads actually get to be funny. :D
  19. *adds to the general insanity*
  20. At least a topic in General doesn't devolve after 10 posts into yelling and dick wagging.

    And back on topic, I'm glad someone is finally standing up against size 1!