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Welcome to Penant Hills, a quaint little town near Cincinnati,
Ohio, the home of Penant Hills Penitentiary, a prison rife with
corruption, abuse gang activity and drugs. The inmates refer
to it as 'Pen Hell', but others think of it as home.

As a prisoner, there is no hope for you. You have been sent to
the Pen to carry out the full term of your sentence. There will
be no escape. There will be no appeals. Brutality, rape,
severe discipline and murder is rife within but you are a
convicted felon and society has washed its hands of you.
The only people looking out for you now are those left
on the outside waiting for your release.
Pray you live long enough to see it.

Penant Hills Penitentiary is also host to Levitt Psychiatric.
This new wing of the prison treats the criminally insane and
provides psychiatric services to the general inmate population.
Some say a stay in Levitt is worse than a week in the hole.
They may be right.

Your life as you knew it is over. Welcome to Penant Hills Penitentiary.

Welcome to Hell.


We are currently in need of prisoners, gang members, medical and psychiatric staff!

Pen Hell is over a year old and still going strong
with active posters and a friendly staff. Please note
this is an intermediate to advanced board, and we are
looking for players who will take the subject matter
seriously and post regularly. You must be at least 18
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mature players only due to graphic violence, sexual
content, drug use and strong language.