POETRY Pelican Poop (Completely ridiculous.)

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    While out a-sailing one day in a sloop
    I was hit by a missile that made me droop!
    It smelled so fishy it gave me the croup!
    What was it, you ask? It was pelican poop!

    Pelican poop! Dripping off my head!
    Pelican poop! Smells like something dead!
    Pelican poop turns my heart to lead!
    O Pelican poop! Boy was my face red!

    So I got off the boat and my heart hung low
    I looked and I smelled like a freakin' freak show!
    My face was all twisted, and chunks did I blow
    Um... lions and tigers and bears! Oh no!

    Pelican poop! I can only write
    So much about something so smelly and white!
    So sticky and gritty, its presence a blight
    I'm stopping this now; it's getting too trite!

    (Folks, these lyrics have no reason to exist.)
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