Peeking from the shadows....

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  1. Hello everyone, Nyx of the Night has come calling to this lovely community and I am very excited about making this my new roleplay home :wink:
  2. welcome to iwaku my friend any rps you want to do come to me
  3. Glad you caved and decided to join the dark side Nyx :P
  4. Thank you thank you! I knew I would eventually cave, and so did you :P
  5. Yay, it's your new home. Make sure you know the rent is due every month on the 3rd.

    Welcome to Iwaku, Nyx. I am Iliana, the Goddess of Fire, and I refuse to hurt you because you live in Savannah, GA that is dangerously close to where I live. :|

    If you need any guidance or help,
    contact me here, or another one of those blue named people you see floating around.
  6. Really? Thats pretty awesome! Thanks for the welcome, hopefully I can soon ditch my lurker status for good :)

    Alright, I'll be sure to send some silver Sickles for rent then.
  7. Why hello there, Nyx!

    Welcome to Iwaku! Glad to have you with us!
  8. Thank you! Everyone is just so friendly :) this is great!
  9. Nobody's posted links yet? THIS IS MY CHANCE!

    this is the CBox: go here to talk randomness with randomers!

    The different roleplay forums are pretty easy to find and specify genres, etc.

    Then there's the Academy and Creative Showcase forums, with plenty of workshops and challenges to hone your RPing skills!

    And plenty of other stuff for you to discover on your own!

    Yay I greeted somebody! :D have fun here in Iwaku!

    - MM