Peak of Curiosity.

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    You know... I've been looked down upon. I've been having not-so-pleasant... mishaps with fate.
    But I'm not stopping from one thing I've always wanted to accomplish, or at least try to.
    Escaping your troubles to actually find one thing to do in your life.
    What on earth went on. Why. When. How. So many questions to ask regarding your troubles...
    But you know what? None of that will stop me from achieving what I've targeted too.
    "The world is an oyster", they say.. then, imagine that we're all in an ocean.
    We're all a huge sea of fish. One of us gets either lost, or just flat-out killed in one chomp by one that's greater. Stronger. More swift, more vigorous.
    I'm ending, and only ending this message with one question to you.
    "What are you trying to accomplish?"