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  1. Good day ladies and gentlemen. I was wondering if you could help me with a little idea I had. See...
    I have a friend, and he wants to play a game. Problem is, he has a toaster... no. A potato. I happen to have a better pc, but I don't feel like borrowing it. Mostly because of my own games and Iwaku. Now my question. Is there a way for him to use my pc from his home? I am not sure if streaming is the right word here. I don't want him to just see it. He has to be able to play and hear everything. Is there a way?
  2. Steam has it. I play a whole bunch of games on my little venue 8 pro tablet in bed or something while it streams from my home PC.

    Stipulation is: has to be the same steam account and must be on the same network.

    What you're talking about is one of those newfangled ideas called 'cloud computing'. Sony has it for the playstation currently as wel.

    Another option is to use OnLive. Which is a game streaming service that now let's you do a monthly fee of 8 dollars to stream games from your steam library to another PC or TV. Not really sure of the details though.

    Also an extremely good connection is necessary for you to do this. Input lag is very real in these cases in all but the highest upload and download speeds.
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  3. Already tried it with steam. In that case, it is more like him borrowing my library, not my rig. And since he does not live in the same house, Steam's streaming is out.

    Stipulation sounds like it would not work either. Again, not the same building.

    It's from pc to pc.

    OnLive may sound like a good option, but paying 8 bucks per month is not an option.

    I think we have one that is good enough. The game in question has no sequences that requires precise or timed button inputs. Turn based thingy. Aside from that, the both of us are doing well in terms of connection.

    But thank you anyway. Please let me know if you find more.
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