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  1. Are you a PC gamer that just started a new game or even returning to a game after a long "vacation"? Most of the time playing a game by yourself especially in an MMO World is just boring. You see all these people having fun together then there is you standing there or killing monsters by yourself. I'm going to fix that! >:) (Or Try...)

    I want everyone who plays PC games to list the games they play and try to mingle with others who play the same games. Or if you got too many friends as it is Mr/Mrs. Hotshot list some of your favorite games or anything you recommend others to play.

    I am a big PC Gamer and I just recently got a new computer which I am super happy about. I currently play;
    >Forsaken World / Perfect World
    >Mabinogi (My Main Play Right Now)
    >Fallen Earth

    I am also on:
    Steam(Gypsy) and Aeria Ignite (ZsafineGypsy)

    Always on the hunt for new games (If I don't have to pay for them) and looking for friends. :3
  2. I play anything just about from Bethseda, Boarderlands 2, rhythm games (Such as osu!), Ducktales (a whoo-hoo!), The witcher, and pretty much any rpg. I am a pain in the butt to find on steam. I'm also really big into Mincraft including The Technic pack and Yogsbox (all using the Technic Launcher because it's easier). I also don't like Pay-To-Play as they only disappoint. Too much money for too little entertainment.

    To find me on Steam I am loneflutist. though my current name is Luna Valentine
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  3. I play WoW, Diablo 3, and have recently come back to Rift.

    I play a bunch of games on Steam, too. You can add me (dj4aces) if you want.
  4. Sure, I don't mind adding you!
  5. Team Fortress 2, I plan on starting a new game of Borderlands 2 as the Psycho soon, and I used to play Vindictus and Rusty Hearts.

    Oh, and a shitton of Zandronum.
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  6. I'm currently playing Wildstar, although I used to be a huge fan of WoW. Unfortunately I don't use Steam a whole lot.
  7. I really want to play Wow but I don't want to pay the money. :(
  8. Well I have a Steam but my brother plays on it more than me. My name is 'RedDevil' and normally when I'm on I play games that aren't really multiplayer.
  9. I'm a PC Gamer... My favorites are really Skyrim and Portal 2, though I've spent lots of time on Star Trek Online thanks to the friends I made there and the unfortunate nature of an MMO.

    I also played Bioshock 1, and I own tons of games now, but I'm only slowly getting to play them.

    There's also Team Fortress 2, for when I want to just kill people. :-D
  10. hey guys! i have MMRPGs and have been getting into many of them.
    list is:
    guild wars 2
    tera rising
    dungeons and dragons
    and i do have mine craft on PC

    if you want to play with me (pleaseeeee i need a new gaming buddy) or have any great suggestions that are not too expensive then send me a message so we can connect :)
  11. I play TF2 occasionally, but I'm going to be played Age of Wonders III soon. >.> As soon as I decide to put more money in my Steam Wallet
  12. Simply put: PC Master Race.

    Played a lot of MMO's in my day. They get expensive, and kind of old, but I'll still play the new ones. SWTOR was awful.

    I like RPGs and FPSes. I refuse to play FPS on a console. I loved The Witcher games, can't wait for part 3. Bioshock Infinite was pretty amazing. I used to play a lot of Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead too. Maybe I should pick those up again, I haven't played many games at all recently.
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  13. I am huge bio ware fanboy.

    And almost as big an RTS fanboy.

    Other PC games I play are civilization and empire earth.
  14. Mind. Blown.
  15. Uh.

    My current love:
    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I also have:
    Guild Wars 2
    League of Legends
    Torchlight 2

  16. I generally stick to consoles for gaming, but I do play Star Wars: The Old Republic here and there!
    I'll try just about any FTP game, though, if anyone has any suggestions. RPGs are my favorite.
  17. For the PS3 the only multi-player games I play are Dead Island: Riptide and Dust 514.

    As for PC, I frequently play: Torchlight II, Dungeon Defenders, LoadOut, Warframe, Age of Mythologies (that latest fancy edition on steam), Starbound, Team Fortress 2, and Magicka: Wizard wars. All steam.

    PS3: DD_and_E
    Steam: Butterflyzilla
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