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  1. So I am starting this early in the morning so I will add more as time goes on and I am less drugged.

    I am starting a Roman times role play, as such there will be violence, there will be intrigue, there may even be sex but that should be directed elsewhere. I may start a place in mature if I see that is needed.

    So, do your homework peoples! This will be happening during Rome's golden age under Emperor Trajan so feel free to draw character design from any of the corners of Rome. I for one will be playing a Centurion who recently returned home.
  2. So! Now that I have slept we can move on to character sheets.

    Name: Korbin Salus, also known as Myles of Nox
    Position: Citizen, Centurion
    Personality: He used to be fully devoted to Rome and the Emperor but his faith was slowly shattered during the Dacia wars. His personality is one of a stoic, the wars had turned him inward to avoid being destroyed by the sights as it did to many soldiers.
    History: He was born to a small family of mainly merchants along the outskirts of the city of Rome. From a young child he watched the legionaries train, wishing he could be one. Eventually he did, as all young roman men should, join the military. He rose through the ranks quickly, proving to be an excellent swordsman and an even better tactition. It was due to his tactical nature that he gained his nick-name. "Myles of Nox, soldier of night". His escapades swept the senate and the people during the Dacia wars. He swept away larger forces in the night, slipping into their camps with his forces and slitting throats of the officers and strong, letting the rest of the legion destroy what was left in the morning. Once the wars had ended he returned to Rome, receiving a laurel for his bravery though he didn't see it as such. He saw the repercussions, the fallen towns and subjugated people. He returned though he attended the games held in his and his legions armour he simply tried to fade away.

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  4. Name: Lucia Vita Damasippus
    Age: 20
    Position: Personal servant of Pompeia Plotina
    Personality: Around the emperor and his family, she is a respectful and humble person. When she has some freedom from the royal family, she is much more proud, but it doesn't show very often. She also has a short temper, but it isn't shown most of the time because she's constantly doing her forced labor.
    History: Lucia grew up in a poor family, they were mere farmers with very infertile soil. Her family consisted of her parents and herself. Without brothers to help, her father forced her to do work around the farm more often. On her sixteenth birthday, her father decided to teach her the basics of fighting and how to tame horses. For three years she honed her skills with weapons and with taming horses. a few months after her nineteenth birthday, her family's farm had been threatened by some of the emperor's men, they forced her parents to send her away to become a servant to Pompeia Plotina. Ever since she has started her labor as a servant, she has still practiced her fighting skills and has visited the horses every so often.

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