Paula Deen's Home cookin'

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  1. Southern butter chef Paula Deen got dropped by the food network for racist comments. Now the only organization that will sponsor her is the KKK.​
    I used to get turned on by her cooking, now I don't know how to feel.​
    Now tell me Iwaku, how do feel now? Do you think the media should stay out of peoples lives or do you think she is a bad person that needs to be persecuted?​
  2. =/

    Personally I didn't care much for Paula Dean's cooking. I mean, I love butter, I really do, but after watching her show for a while, it makes me cringe. So much cholesterol...

    What upsets me is that she thought it was okay to dress her black employees with a plantation look. How she didn't think that was derogatory is beyond me.
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  3. I don't know. All I can think is she's a stupid old woman if this is how she thinks. I wouldn't endorse her, but I can't hate stupid like this, just pity...
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  4. I can't wait for her new TV show! "Down Home Cooking With The Klu Klux Klan!" The Grand Wizard can be the guest star and Neo Nazis will help do the cooking! Brilliant idea!
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  5. e __ e you'd think she like black people... i mean, she cooks so many fatty foods that can give them diabetes and high cholesterol and stuffs!
    WAIT.... thats why she's cooking that kind of food... TO GET RID OF US! O:
  6. ... Same old shit, must be a day ending in y.

    EDIT: Hell, bonus.

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  7. If you are offended by this thread or the content within send an email to Paula Deen.
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  8. That was my offensive sense of humor! Sorry bout that! Most find me funny but a few...

    Is that Shikieiki Yamaxanadu on your avatar?
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  9. We owe a lot of tasty food items to Nazi scientists.

    And yes, dumb people should not be given money. The banks should implement exams to be taken before large withdrawals can be made.
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  10. Why of course!
    Nazism seems like the only way to go sometimes.
    But I stand corrected. Paula Dean should be old enough to understand the basis of discriminatory material.
    Sorry about my actions.
  11. Of course... Besides, some people get money for malicious or deceptive reasons.