Patty's Cosplays

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Hello! It's me, Pattypixie. I just thought, instead of spamming the picture thread, I'd show off some of my cosplays here. ^_^

A few of them have Won awards and I'll mark those. Others are just cool. hehe

This is my cosplay group's Death Note cosplay from Anime Milwaukee 1.5.
We won best Group cosplay. I'm the redhead.
Link to our musical performance:
(If you want to see just the performance, go to marker 5:40)

Me and my, now ex, doing a Doctor Who and Rose Tyler cosplay at Wizard World Chicago.

This is my chobits-Chii costume. It won best made costume at Geek.Kon 08. This pic isn't very good...but it's the best full pic of it. I had a freya with me also.

My Lucy/Nyu costume (That is on the picture thread). I wore this at Anime Milwaukee 2.5.

And lastly, my Gothic Loli cosplay.


And that's what I have so far!! I'm currently working on a Steampunk-time traveler outfit. I should get pictures of my Firefly-Kaylee outfit soon. ^_^

I hope you guys like them!
Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, chick.

I give you props.
I have bad news and good news.

Bad News: I didn't take ANY pics at the recent con I was at.

Good News?: I found one picture of me!!!

Bad news: It doesn't show the whole outfit. :/

The guy is my friend, Chris
I love you as Lucy! <333

And I can really see the effort you put in your costumes! White Chii <333
Are there any more pictures, Patty?