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  1. Biology class was actually fun today, as we spent it coloring some members of Kingdom Protista.
  2. Anyways, I'll probably play Archer at some point. Far as I know there's only the one from the UMG and probably one as an NPC from Jason's game.
  3. So, uh, can someone mix two legends together?

    Because I found an idea I sort of like with Oliver.

    I want to make his personality, Color scheme, and fighting style based around Sir Gawain. But I also want to use something based on the legend of the Horatii and Curiatii in his background.
  4. "I don't like daddy like that anyway." Lyra shrug.
  5. Harmony was still snuggling Lucius, "I miss just relaxing like this with you."
  6. Saturday
    8:00 Morning
    Mina Domekat: *wake ups and sees Raziel in face* RAZIEL!
    Raziel Angel: Yes Mina
    Raziel Angel: Sorry Mina for making you mad. *looks sad*
    Mina Domekat: No it is okay Raziel you just scared so now leave so I can get dressed.
    Raziel Angel: Yes Mina *leaves room*
    Mina Domekat: *Puts on school uniform and put cloak on top* Raziel you can come in.
    Raziel Angel: *Comes in room* Mina were are we going?
    Mina Domekat: *puts on monkey bracelet pink stars necklace and charm necklace* To the school
    Raziel Angel: Why school?
    Mina Domekat: To meet are teachers and to learn about the school.
    Raziel Angel: Okay *uses magic card to switch into school uniform* okay lets go the school
    Mina Domekat: Okay let's go!​
  7. Are there any more pictures, Patty?