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  1. Hello fellow Iwaku members!! F0X here, and I am here once again to inquire about a Pathfinder Game just for you guys!! I currently have three dedicated players, but we would certainly love to have a 4th or even 5th player to join our adventures! Currently we play [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Mondays at 5pmPST[/BCOLOR], but we can talk about a alternative time if that works best for everyone. Everyone is also currently [BCOLOR=#ffff00]LEVEL 7[/BCOLOR], so you would need to be ready to have a 7th level character in order to play. I can assist with character creation details if needed. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope to hear back from you soon! Below are addition details that may be helpful to you guys.

    What I need from players:

    Communication. This is huge! I am probably going to make a thread on Iwaku once the game gets started for OOC talk and planning, but if you start getting too busy and can't make a dnd night, let me know! I have gotten a lot of requests in the past when I do this, so if you feel you no longer can play, just let me know.

    Or, if you are not having fun, tell me! I can try to change some aspects of the game if I can to make it more enjoyable for you guys!

    Access to a Microphone. I don't need you to have a Camera if you don't wish to have one. I know many people can be shy at times about how they look, and that is fine! I want you to have fun. BUT, I do need to hear and communicate with you, and for you to communicate with your allies, so a Mic. is gonna be required.

    An Account on This is a free account and it is where we will be playing Pathfinder. This allows me to do a lot of things, and just works perfectly as an online table top. It also has a character sheet generator, dice rolling, it has everything, and will be perfect for our gaming experience. This will be the first time I run a campaign using this software, but from what I have learned about it and used of it so far, its quite amazing.

    Access to the Core Pathfinder PDF's or actual books. If you don't have them, I have them all uploaded to my personal GoogleDocs, so I can share them with you if you're interested in playing.

    Information About the Game Itself

    The adventure will be in my homegrown world of Astreal. I will be providing more information about the world as the game gets underway, however I like using this world rather than a precreated world that some gamers know more than others about. I want everyone on somewhat of an equal playing field, so when you go to a new town there isn't the one player who already knows the lay of the land, special areas, ect. Astreal is a very magic heavy universe, so all the spell casters will be available and encouraged to play as. All the races will also be available from the Advanced Race Guide, but the highest density Races in this world will be: Humans, Elves, Half-Elves Dwarves, Halflings, Orcs, Half-Orcs, & Gnomes. ((NOTE: You can be any race you want!! These are just the races with the highest population.))

    Player Characters for this Campaign will be starting at level 7. We will be using a 20 point buy. If you are unfamiliar with the Point Buy System for Pathfinder, it is on Page 16 of the core book Table 1-1. This is going to be a high fantasy setting, thus we are using the high fantasy point buy. (Here is a website that helps you use said points!)

    Anyways, if anyone is interested PLEASE let me know, we play Monday at 5pmPST. Looking forward to your feed back. <3

    Useful links
    Roll20's Home Page
    Iwaku DnD Page on Roll20
  2. I am highly intrigued and would like to join. Although i am not sure about the monday's at 5 (which would be 8 pm my time) i will see if i can't start getting monday's off of work or get the morning shifts for them.
  3. Sweet!! Send me a pm so I can give you more information. :)
  4. Hey, can I get your skype? Also, the link you have won't let me go to the page.....
  5. Huh. Guess I was a bit late on this. Have a 7th Level Character already made for another campaign (using 32 point buy though that can easily be adjusted), that'd I be interested in playing here as well if it fits.

    Mostly used D20PFSRD and Paizo to generate my character though (was limited to core rules), so not sure if there would be any issues.
  6. This would not be a problem, you'd just need to bring the point buy to 20 and send me a PM so I can get details from you and share them with you as well :)
  7. My Skype is f0x7713
  8. I'm up for tonight. I'm editing Silendia and Matias to bring them up to speed.
  9. I unfortunately won't be able to join for some time, I have school to deal with beforehand.....
  10. Another great night of Pathfinder! It was a bit shorter because I got home late, but it was great to have @Beatrix back. Also, We now have @Zombehs playing with us too, giving us a full party once more. I would like to start streaming our Monday night Pathfinder, does anyone have a problem with this?

    @Elendra @Rain of the Night @UnseenShade
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  11. OH god.... I just got interested in pathfinder. (I have the core rulebook right now) Please say you need one more. And if so what kind role do you need filled??!
  12. I don't think the group would mind one more. But it is getting rather large.. We currently have the following party:

    Mathis: Two Handed Fighter (Me)
    Zirul: Gladiator Brawler Fighter (@UnseenShade)
    Raknys: Cleric (@Rain of the Night )
    Silindia and Matis: Druid + Companion (@Beatrix
    Tess: Alchemist (@Sirona)
    Tasen: Sorcerer (@Elendra )
    Ren: Unarmed mutagen Fighter (@Zombehs )

    So, really it'd be whatever you'd want. However, the group is quite large, so we might have to invent a talking stick of sorts so communication doesn't get too out of hand. XD
  13. You don't have a rogue.... I feel the need to make a character just so I can fuck shit up and be a a general sly bad ass sweet talker
  14. If you're looking for something like that, I'd consider a bard! Bards are amazing, and it would give the party a much needed face. There are some charasmatic characters, but their CHA score doesn't really fit the bill for what is to come. Just a suggestion. But it wouldn't hurt having someone who might be able to sneak around a bit, but potions of invisibility can take care of that quite well. Seeing how our fighters usually spread a lot, might be hard to get sneak damage in with this party. Just some thoughts.
  15. Hmmmm~... I know what I'd wanna do. Build up to Arcane Trickster. I'll drop by again later, at work right now. On my phone.
  16. The groups is currently full.
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