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    Pathfinder: Factions

    Or 'Paranoia: Fantasy Edition'. Here it is. The start of something amazing or something awful. This RP is an experiment I hope lifts off the group - the first 'Massively Multiplayer' platform on Iwaku, to my knowledge. The original concept of this is a One-on-One RP taken to an extreme. Each person plays a particular character - one that will adventure and grow in an amazing world. The catch is that other people will be doing the same thing - in the same world. At times, these people might even adventure alongside you, scheme against you, or outright try and take you down. This should translate into a unqiue play experience not yet found in play-by-posts: as most of these interactions will happen in the RP boxes, then recorded by myself and translated into a story for you or those not in the game to enjoy. This will use both the Pathfinder rules and setting (the Inner Sea region), so all the rules and information are readily available to those who decide to get into it. After making your character, if you and I are on at the same time, I'll attempt to make contact (or you can contact me), and we'll get something going. It's even entirely possible for you to do actions over Iwaku's Conversations/Private Messages - I'm very flexible, and this can work across multiple schedules.
    This will allow us to play in a multi-layered game with multiple people who all have different schedules. As I said before, this is an experiment - one that can continue into something amazing and fun for all involved. Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the plot... and the factions.

    The Pathfinder Society
    Many of the greatest explorers of Golarion's modern age record their victories in an ongoing series of chapbooks known as the Pathfinder Chronicles. The amazing, often unbelievable tales bound in these oft-traded volumes tell of lost gods and sunken continents, of creatures older than the world itself who fell from the stars in the eldest days, and the fantastic ruins they left behind. These volumes also tell stories of people - individuals who experienced some of the very best and world Golarion has to offer.
    The characters of these tales are members of the Pathfinder Society, a loose-knit group of explorers, achaeologists, and adventurers who search the globe for lost knowledge and ancient treasures. While and honest desire to unlock history's secrets motivates some Pathfinders, the promise of material fortune and fame propels others, who seek a sort of immortality in the publications of the Society. The rewards of academic study and glory-seeking, however, are not enough for yet another type of Pathfinder, who takes up the trade out of the simple thrill for perilous adventure. Yet there are darker still...
    You are all members of this world-spanning group. The Society accepts jobs from all over the world and sends their agents out for a fair cut of the money. While this means that you are always among friends, there are times when you might be forced to ally with someone you really would rather see dead. It's in this balance that you tread - but you are not without allies. Making up the Society are several factions - one of which you also belong to.
    Whichever you belong to, you have the chance to earn Favor with your faction - which can be exchanged for unique benefits. Favor can be earned in different ways, depending on which faction you belong to - and many have special ways to spend your Favor. It's even possible to complete a mission through the use of a Favor, earning you a little Favor back. Remember that it's important to keep up appearances, even if you're not as loyal to the Society as you make them believe...​

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    Members of the Andoran faction seek to topple tyrannies from within, aiding dissidents and freedom fighters with equipment, funds, or intelligence. They are fierce foes of slavery and can take extreme measures against those who buy and sell people.

    The promise of power and riches lures many to the Cheliax faction, which seeks to spread the faith and order of Asmodeus across the Inner Sea and beyond.

    Grand Lodge
    Holding themselves above the petty squabbles of outsiders, this faction maintains the strongest allegiance to the Decemvirate, the masked leaders of the Pathfinder Society.

    Many have written off the desert nation of Osirion as a land lost to history, no longer a force to be reckoned with. The Ruby Prince Khemet III, personal sponsor of this faction, seeks to reacquire secrets and artifacts of Osirion's lost glory in an effort to reclaim his nation's destiny.

    The Qadira faction seeks to control the commerce of the entire Inner Sea, breaking its enemies' monopolies and enforcing its own. In the pursuit of this goal, faction members display a ruthlessness that can put the Chelaxians to shame.

    Not all Pathfinders serve the Society with pure hearts; members of this faction are not above using their missions for a bit of personal gain.

    Silver Crusade
    Composed largely of paladins, clerics, and other servants of good-aligned gods, members of the Silver Crusade faction seek to use the Society's resources to further the cause of good in the world. They oppose factions that would drag the Society's reputation through the mud in search of glory, and strive constantly to raise the morals of their fellow Pathfinders.

    The mighty Taldan empire once spanned a significant portion of the Inner Sea, but its glory days are long over. The Taldor faction seeks to reclaim this preeminence—not through conquest as their ancestors did, but by turning their enemies against one another, through political victories, and, of course, by gaining control over Absalom.​
    -Favor's Uses-
    One thing I've been toying with (and looking forward to seeing implemented) is this little set of tricks and plots that are played by the players themselves. By finishing a mission for the Society, you receive a single point of favor. As well, your faction will give you a quest on top of that, giving you a second point of favor. These points can be spent on a variety of things - both as a benefit to yourself... and a hindrance to your rivals. This, I think, will be the most fun of this game. Each faction has unique things to offer, and clever use of them can put you ahead of another... just remember: it's a game... and turnabout is always fair play!
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    Common Uses: These are the uses that all members of the Society may spend favor on. The number preceding it is how many points are lost when the Favor is used.
    1: When in a Pathfinder lodge library, gain a +5 circumstance bonus on one Knowledge check. The check takes 1 hour, reflecting the need to reference the appropriate materials.
    1: Transcribe a common spell (one listed in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook) from a Pathfinder lodge library into a wizard’s spellbook or alchemist’s formula book. This spell must be of a level the PC can cast and on that PC’s spell list. This benefit does not require a Spellcraft check or any additional transcribing costs.
    1: Acquire your own basic wayfinder.
    1: Become familiar with an uncommon or rare spell (at the GM’s discretion) from a Pathfinder lodge library, allowing a bard, sorcerer, or similar spellcaster to select it as a spell known at the next available opportunity (this benefit allows the character to gain access to a single arcane spell from third-party sources Rulebook without having to do spell research).
    1: Borrow a magic item worth 1,000gp or less. This may be used multiple times to borrow a more expensive magic item, increasing the cost by 1 for every 1,000gp more. The Favor is regained if the magic item is returned.
    1: One of these spells can be cast upon you, free of charge: Dispel Magic, Lesser Restoration, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Remove Paralysis.
    1: Work detail of 50 commoners for 1 week.
    2: Gain a contact in a particular city. The character can consult with the contact for local gossip, news, and advice; this benefit grants the character a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information, Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility), and Knowledge (religion) checks regarding the contact’s city made within that city. The character must wait 24 hours for the contact to provide the desired information. For an additional 2 Favor, the bonus from the contact increases to +4. A character may have contacts in multiple cities, but multiple contacts in the same city provide no extra benefit. If the contact dies, the character can spend Favor Points to find a replacement contact.
    2: Gain free passage on caravans and merchant vessels that are friendly to the Pathfinder Society.
    2: Bodyguard (1/2 your level) for 1 week.
    2: Squad of 10 1st-level warriors for 1 week.
    2: One of the following spells may be cast for you, free of charge: Atonement, Break Enchantment, Divination, Greater Dispel Magic, Neutralize Poison, Overland Flight, Restoration.
    3: The Society goes out of it's way to return you from the dead when you perish, without personal cost.
    3: The spell Regenerate is cast on you, free of charge.
    4: Purchase any magic item worth up to 10,000 gp value from a Pathfinder lodge at a 10% discount.
    Special: A character may ask if they can use their Favor in a special way. The Chronicler (myself) will determine if it's alright.

    Andoran Favors:
    1: Freedom Requires Sacrifice - Finding inspiration in yourself, you spend a point of Favor to give yourself +4 on your next roll.
    2: Incite Rebellion - You call upon favors to shroud your own actions. Select one faction. Any attempt to use Favor Points against you fails. They may they not attempt to influence your mission by showing up themselves - lasts for as long as your next adventure.
    3: Eagle Knight - An NPC Eagle Knight of your level accompanies you on your next adventure, or arrives mid-adventure to your aid.
    4: Twilight Talon - One of the Eagle Knight's unofficial spies, saboteurs, deep cover agents, or (at times), assassins willingly takes a job in your favor.

    Cheliax Favors:
    1: Faustian Wealth - Borrow a magic item worth 2,000gp or less. This may be used multiple times to borrow a more expensive magic item, increasing the cost by 1 for every 2,000gp more. The Favor is regained if the magic item is returned.
    2: Diabolic Council - Regardless of your actual location, come in contact with one of Hell's many devils, allowing you to ask one question and receive a completely honest answer.
    3: Hellknight Escort - An NPC Hellknight of your level accompanies you on your next adventure, or arrives mid-adventure to your aid.
    4: Wrath of Asmodeus - A conjurer summons a Devil of appropriate challenge to menace a target of your choice for one adventure.

    Grand Lodge Favors:
    The Grand Lodge does not offer anything other than the Common awards - however, a character that chooses the Grand Lodge gains Favor at triple rates.

    Osirion Favors:
    1: The Dead Walk - Two mindless undead accompany you on your next adventure, each equal to half your level. Their fate is whatever you decide - they are under your control, but they only understand simple commands.
    2: Curse of Tombs - You arrange to have a curse placed on a character. Any creature they kill has a 25% chance of raising as a mindless undead for one adventure.
    3: One of Us - Mindless undead will not willingly attack you for a single adventure - as well, sentient undead will be Neutral to you over the course of that adventure, unless provoked.
    4: Eternity Now - You arrange to become an undead creature upon your next death. When killed, you immediately rise as a mummy, death knight, or vampire with full health. If destroyed, you may still be revived as usual (using more Favor points). You lose your undead powers after the mission is over.

    Qadira Favors:
    1: All the Right Places - Obtain an item worth 1,000gp or less. It is yours to keep. You may not sell the item, however, as that would be a breach of contract.
    2: Monopoly - By greasing the right palms in the past, you make it harder for another to get anything done. For the course of one adventure, all items bought by a single person cost 1-10% more money.
    3: The Speed of Money - One of your business partners pays to have you travel to anywhere in the world at double normal speed, free of charge.
    4: Merchant's Mark - Through the use of shady deals, you make it all but impossible for someone to get a particular thing: choose a type of item, such as potions. For the course of one adventure, a single target may not buy anything of that type.

    Sczarni Favors:
    1: Friend of the Family - Eh, fergetaboutit! Your ties to the Sczarni crime families have it's perks: they seem to be everywhere, and you can get free food and rooms for you and whoever runs with you.
    2: Not Going Back to Prison - You're worth a lot more to the Sczarni outside of prison walls. They arrange to have one of your 'transgressions' ignored by local authorities.
    3: Kneecap Breaker - Nobody messes with family. You arrange for the ally of a character to have an accident. The message this sends is enough to make them unable to spend Favor points for one adventure.
    4: Look What they Did to My Boy - Nothing ticks off the Sczarni like a death in the family. As retribution, a squad of hitmen is called by a friend of yours to take down your killer. This may be done before or after your revival, if you choose to be revived (spending the Favor for that as usual).

    Silver Crusade Favors:
    1: Exalted Companion - An NPC cleric of a good-aligned diety accompanies you on your next adventure. The NPC is 1/2 your level.
    2: Good Finds a Way - Since the Silver Crusade is saturated with good-aligned divine casters, it's easier to find someone willing to bring you back from the dead. Your remains are recovered and you are revived, at no further cost.
    3: Champion of the Light - An NPC paladin of equal level to you accompanies you on your next adventure.
    4: Willing Martyr - You take the effect of a malevolent Favor ability that's on another character. This selflessness impresses the faction of the character you do this for - awarding you two Favor points in that character's faction, which can be spent on normal Common effects or the effects of that particular faction.

    Taldor Favors:
    1: Squire/Apprentice - An NPC of your class and half your level accompanies you for one adventure. The character looks up to you as a true hero, mimicking your tactics and personality.
    2: Herald - Before you get to an area, Taldan agents get there first, speaking of your virtues (or fabricating them). This endears you to the people of an area before you ever get there - the majority of people you encounter will be Friendly to you for one adventure.
    3: Court Intrigues - In an opposite show of power, special heralds move forward before a particular character - ruining their reputation. The majority of people they encounter in the area start Unfriendly to them for one adventure.
    4: Legacy of an Empire - You are given special training for the task at hand. You gain one temporary level for a single adventure.

    Character Creation:
    Level: You will all be making level 2 characters - you've been a member of the Society and your faction enough to gain some experience. However, you have not impressed either enough to gain any faction points.​

    Purchase Ability Scores (20 points): Each character receives a number of points to spend on increasing his basic attributes. In this method, all attributes start at a base of 10. A character can increase an individual score by spending some of his points. Likewise, he can gain more points to spend on other scores by decreasing one or more of his ability scores. No score can be reduced below 7 or raised above 18 using this method.​

    Starting Gold: You will gain your average gold for your class (listed on your classes' page), plus 200 gold.​
    Heroes and Antiheroes/Villains: This is also a choice you must make before your character can truly be finished: you must choose if your character is a Hero or Antihero/Villain. A Hero gains the ability to earn Hero Points when risking themselves for another or doing certain things - a Hero Point can be spent to do amazing things - like act out of turn, or force themselves to do something amazing. However - they're gained by doing incredible, heroic things. Some of you aren't going to be willing to do that - the Antiheroes and Villains. Instead of this, you may choose to obtain a bonus feat at first level. You never gain Hero Points if you take this option, and can never switch around to do this - nor can a Hero-turned-Antihero or Villain gain the feat instead of Hero Points. A switch basically means that this choice stops being worth it.

    Simple Races: Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Halfling, Human.
    Rare Races Allowed: Aasimar, Android, Catfolk, Changeling, Dhampir, Fetchling, Gillmen, Ifrti, Kitsune, Kobold, Merfolk, Nagaji, Oread, Ratfolk, Samsaran, Strix, Suli, Sylph, Tengu, Tiefling, Undine, Vanara, Vishkanya, Wayang.

    Core Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard.
    Rare Classes: Alchemist, Cavalier, Gunslinger, Inquisitor, Magus, Oracle, Summoner, Witch.
    Special: All archetypes available.​

    For character sheets, I highly suggest Myth-Weavers. However, post'm here if you'd like... and don't be afraid to ask questions!
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  2. o____o filling in this sheet may take a bit... There's a lot of info
  3. Yup! Take your time, though - and I'm pretty darn-near always free to answer questions.
  4. I'm intrested in this. since I'm on works computer I'm restricted on some pages but will sort out a sheet soon as if your still doing this. I know my faction but thats about it till I get time at home
  5. I intend to do this, yes. Even if it's just the three or four that seem to be interested, we should have a good game going.
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  6. Dude, I am so interested. you got Skype?
  7. I do, yes. 'peeveddm'.
  8. Interested. I like pathfinder but Paranoia in my unicorn... tried it many times and failed it every time.
  9. Sounds great. What's the whole deal?
  10. This looks soooo cool!
  11. The deal? real easy. Just whip up a character, and when I see you on, with me on at the same time... I'll try to take you, or you can contact me. We'll head over to the Dicebox, and we'll have some story, with myself as the DM. If more than one person's on, they can join in as well - because whatever your faction, you're still under the surveillance of Friend Computer a Pathfinder.
  12. You want us to post our characters here???
  13. This is intriguing. I can whip up a character for this, I think. I've played Pathfinder before, so I know what I'm doing with character creation.
  14. Yeah, post'm here. Unless you want to be super-secretive about it. Then you'll private-message your sheet to me.
  15. Almost done my sheet. I've rolled up a fetchling sorcerer. Just have to pick out some items, then I'll be good.
  16. COOOOOLLL IDEEAAAA~~~ I'm in. I'll whip something up :)
  17. I tried to make a character, but it was too difficult XD
  18. If this RP wasn't probably dead I'd offer to help, in fact I'll help anyway.
  19. You still on board with us Mr. Frost?

    I stumbled by your thread and think I could put together a decent concept for you. I'll try to hit you on Skype when I get home later.
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