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    Hello all my wonderful gaming Iwakuians!! I am here to talk about one of my favorite games, Path of Exile!! Recently, I have been playing this game a lot with @Alan as we level his Witch through the levels of Wraeclast! Though, if you haven't heard or played this game, its a Diablo II type of game (Action RPG with lots of dungeons, lots of loot, and lots of killing baddies!) with a very, very indepth skill tree (its like the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy X for those who have played that) that allows each of its seven classes to be very unique and powerful in different ways!!

    So my question to you, do you play Path of Exile? There are a few other Iwakuians who play Path of Exile such as @Turtle of Doom @Rain of the Night @Myrnodyn !!

    If you don't play Path, why not? What don't you like about it? Or maybe you did at one point and would like some friends to play again! I am sure we can certainly get some groups together, and I am always happy to help new players especially since I have been playing for so long! I have lots of great leveling gear and it more or less collects dust until someone needs it!

    So yeah!! Feel free to post about your experience or lack there of about Path of Exile, and I'll see you all in the depths of Wraeclast!​
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  2. I tried it out, played for a few hours before stopping. It did play as smoothly or look as good or have as compelling a story as Diablo 3, and the few unique mechanics that made it actually different were things I didn't care about. The only thing I can say in its favor in a comparison is that it's free... but I already own Diablo 3 so that's not a real concern for me. If I want to play a Diablo-style game I already have a better alternative ready, thus I see no reason to spend my time with the inferior version.
  3. From everything I have heard, the games are quite a bit different. DIII feels a lot different than DII did, so for players who are wanting a game that feels like DII with updated graphics and some rather interesting mechanics, PoE is certainly something to check out! Now, I can't say that I have personally played DIII, however I have a friend who loves it a ton, and the things I have seen him play (As well as a variety of streamers), I can certainly say they are much different games. I wouldn't say that one is more greater than the other, they are just really different.

    But, with games like these, I feel that at the end of the day, you should play what you like and WITH who you like. Might consider checking it out sometime if enough of your friends play one game, vica versa, ya know? :)
  4. I've played through it once, and then messed around with it a few times after that. It's fun, but hack'n'slash games only hold my attention for so long. It's more fun when you have friends to play it with. /_\
  5. Well, one reason I made this thread is to see who all on iwaku play, that way we can all have friends to play with :)
  6. I am currently levelling a character that I think would work really well for larger groups of players, 3 or 4... as it's currently already capable of running 1 major and 2 smaller auras as well as a personal buff. Though, no-one really to play the character with as of yet. So anyone who wants to, hit me up! Character is, at the time of posting, around level 40, but still gaining oodles of experience everyday.
  7. Been meaning to play this after @F0X gave me a ton of gear to help me and my wife out. With her school work piling up and work being the mess it is we've yet to sit down and play.
    Got it running really well on a laptop though.

    I blame my weebfest that is Xenoblade Chronicles X and EDF 4.1 for sucking up my time.

    Also my mother in law will be in town
  8. Both D3 and Path are good games, for different reasons. Some will argue that D3 is too watered down, and that you can only do so much with the class choices before you find yourself being pushed toward one of the "good" specializations. Others would argue that Path has an awfully confusing passive skill tree with way too much choice, that could throw off new players.

    Personally? I like both games. I bought D3 -- and it's expansion -- and enjoy it greatly. On the other hand, having friends to play Path with, and bounce ideas off of/get help with certain gameplay aspects makes it fun as well. Path, in this case, would be easier to play with others simply because it's free.

    It's a matter of preference, I suppose. I prefer both.
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  9. I really am looking forward to playing when you can @Windsong !!! :)
  10. I play POE on my spare time as well, but my time has been sucked up as of late considering "college apples" as I call them as well as trying to find a field to specialize in.

    Perhaps one day we can group up and bash are way through the horrors of Wraeclast together.
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  11. I need to try this game again. I liked the little bit I played. I was just having problems with it on Linux. I've since moved to Windows so I'm sure it'll be easier to work with. :3
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  12. I really don't know, I just can't get into it

    I'll note that one similarity it DOESN'T have with D2 or D3 is the proud tradition of the LCS...or the lying character screen

    I think part of why I can't get into it is I just have so many other things I'd rather play, but then I'm rather weird
  13. When you do play, let me know! Always happy to help new players!! =D
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  14. Yay for @Seiji, @Red Velvet and @Phantom General for joining in the Path of Exile Crew!! Soon we'll be able to do big groups all the time! YAY Fast Leveling!!

    Feel free to chat with us on Teamspeak, or use this thread to plan something! ^.^
  15. Also for people who want to play this game on a serious level, here are some websites that I, and many other players, use on a regular basis. This website allows you to see what other players are selling on the forums. You can make your own shop there too, and is a great place to look at builds and see what other players are doing to great success!

    Acquisition is a great program that allows you to find your items easily, and it can also link with both the sites above to make your trading life even easier!

    But, at the end of the day, I am always happy to help anyone and everyone in any way I can! ^.^
  16. Also Yay @Haku974 for joining Iwaku! He plays Path of Exile and is gonna be doing the 365 stream challenge! ^.^
  17. Might check it out since I want to get into RPGs again, but if it's a pay-to-win or extreme grinder I won't even bother.
  18. Its not pay to win at all. The only thing you could pay for in the game are cosmetic effects and stash tabs. I've invested in stash tabs over the years once they go on sale, but other than that I've never gotten anything in the game. Though, there is a fox pet I really really want but its SOOOO expensive!! DX

    I will say levels 1-60 are not grindy at all really. However, after level 60 things become much slower and depending on your build can become much harder! Maps are an item that drops that allows you to do the end game content of higher level mobs and such, and they are needed to reach the high exp quickly. Also playing with a group of 6 VASTLY increases the leveling process. Even playing with one other person makes leveling quite a bit faster, so, play with friends!
  19. I have no friends whatsoever who play RPGs anymore, but I guess I'll try it.
  20. That is why you have us!!! ^.^

    I'd be happy to play with ya, and @Seiji @Phantom General just started too! There are lots of people listed here who have low level characters, so just let us know and we'd be happy to play for sure!
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