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  1. Bound by stitches,
    Bound by life,
    Not truly alive,
    Not knowing how.

    Bound by glitches,
    Bound by strife,
    Try to survive,
    Not knowing how.

    The life with master had come to an end, one night filled with flame and smoke he found his way to her room already dressed but his hood down, it would be raised before they left.

    "Gergana." he whispered shaking her lightly as at the other ind of the castle he heard a section of the castle collapse. "Wake up we need to go. Now."

    He never raised his voice but it was filled his desperation, in the bag he had needles thread and a little food, nothing more "We need to get into town and lie low, its not safe here anymore."
  2. Gergana slowly awoke to the sound of a voice, her eyes opening slowly to see Radomir hovering above her. She sat up a bit and before she could ask what was going on the sound of the castle collasing answered her question of what was going on. She slipped out of her bed and around Radomir, slipping into her clothing quickly and not caring if he saw her or not, now was not a time to be modest.

    "What do we do then? We have no money...No knowlege of how to live out there..." She said softly as she finished dressing and threw on a cloak, wondering what the two of them could do now that they were running away.

    "What of Master?"She asked suddenly as she looked up at him.
  3. He shook his head to indicate he had no idea where master was. "Theres no time." he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her from the room careful not to damage her. Stopping to stitch her up was the last thing they needed and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. He led her to the kitchen and out through the back, the room they had had their first conversation in and were likely never to see again.

    Once they were out of the castle he led her to the edge of the dark woods before he stopped, flames wrapping around the entire castle and he looked back at it, the only home he'd ever known, they were all alone now.

    "We'll be safe here I think, for now.. are you alright?"
  4. Before she could question him anymore he pulled her along gently toward the kitchen to make their escape. As they passed through she began to think of all the times she had cooked for the master in there...and how now she would never do so again. She hurried after they left the castle, only catching the fire out of the corners of her eyes. once they stopped she turned to stare over the burning castle and hear the shouts of angry mob members.

    She felt slightly guilty for having left the others and hoped that they had been able to escape and find a safe place to hide until things blew over.

    "I am fine...Are you?" She asked softly as she looked over the burning fire.
  5. He rubbed his shoulder where the strap of the bag ad been resting feeling the loose stitching hidden under his shirt, he'd have to carry the bag on the other shoulder when they continued. "I'm fine but.. could I ask you a favor?" he said opening the bag and favoring his right arm bug though it pulling out a rusty tin containing needles and a spool of thread. "My shoulders coming loose..." He lifted his shirt uncovering his back and left shoulder where the parts he had been built prom were beginning to separate. "I'd do it myself but its a hard spot to reach."
  6. "Of course..." Gergana said as she took the needle and thread to help repair his body.

    She silently took a needle and thread it simply with the thread, knotting it on one end so that it would not come undone any time soon. She understood that loose limbs would do them no good when they would be getting close to other people and hiding from the mobs that had destroyed their master. She stitched up his limb simply, making the stitch nice and tight so that it would not come undone easily.

    "There..." She said as she tied off the string with a double knot and leaned into his shoulder, using her teeth to cut the thread. She the started to pack everything back up so that they could get back on their way.
  7. He grit his teeth as she began but didn’t make a sound or tense any muscles that would pull on where she was working. It was painful but it was part of life, something he was used to. “Thank you Gergana.” He said stretching his are and flexing his shoulder testing the join. She had done a good gob, better than he could ever have done on his own and as the shirt fell back down his back he smiled closing and lifting the bad throwing it over his other shoulder.

    He hulled the hood over his head and set off keeping an eye on the darkness, behind then he heard more of the castle collapse but didn’t want to see their home crumble to he kept his eyes ahead. It was just them now, and somehow he would see them through, he was just glad he wasn’t alone.
  8. "It is no problem." She said with a small smile, knowing that it was hard to get by with loose limbs.

    As the sounds of the castle falling in the distance hit her she ficed her own hood and followed after him silently, not wishing to see her home of her whole life falling apart. As they made her way through the wods she couldn't help but wonder what was next, what would they do now that they were no longer with their master? Where would they even go now that there home was lost to the mob? She hoped that Radomir had something in mind for she was simply clueless at this point.
  9. Be led the way towards town, he didn't have a plan beyond blending in and lying low. He only knew of life in town from his night time tasks there and it wasn't enough to plan a life there. He didn't feel they would stay there though, not so close to people who might recognize them. And so they passed through the forest in silence each mourning the master and their fellows in their own way, their own time until ahead there were nights and the clang of a church bell.

    "We're here." he whispered. "He can rest in the mausoleum.. I once hid there when here for master." No one is there, just coffins, unless you're not comfortable with sleeping with the dead." he wasn't trying to be poetic, he was simply weighing options. They had escaped the castle but the mod would be returning to town soon.
  10. "I do not mind sleeping with the dead. Master said that I own them quite a bit in fact...I never understood what he meant by that..." She said as they moved in closer to the church to get to the mausoleum where they would rest for the night. "Either way, no one will think of us hiding with the dead anyway and assume that killed everything in the fire." She added simply.

    She did not care where they rested, just as long as they did. She was not built for long travel and she was worried about her own stitches falling apart a bit as well. She could easily repair it but that thread was a rather precious item at the moment and it would need to be used wisely, not carelessly. Also she could feel her joints squeaking a bit and didn't want to push them to much and ruin the leg completely. Without master she would never be able to attack a new leg to her body. She would have to be very careful from now on...
  11. "Alright.. its not far, we'll rest the day there, its best we don't go out while its light." he continued leading the way, taking her hand to lead her to a gap in the fence that surrounded the church and through the gravestones. It was an old, rarely visited part of the graveyard, even he had seldom been here the bodies being too old to be of use to master, but in the light of the predawn the mausoleum was clearly visible the rotten wooden door unable to close properly.

    He didn't know of her naivety, her innocence, or if he did it had slipped his mind in the light of their predicament for how could someone be an affront to nature itself and not know it? Gripping the door he pulled on it the rusty hinges resisting but stinging open, the space inside was small but just big enough for two to sleep the coffins placed on shelves on the walls, six of them in all, a family.
  12. Gergana followed after him quietly, letting him take her hand and lead the way into the graveyard. She didn't mind it too much, it was better than being hunted down by the mob heading back into the city. As they slipped into the mausoleum she looked around curiously, having never seen it before. She was not used to the dark surroundings such as this, the master usually had the castle well lite so it never seemed dark at all. She knelt onto the ground and prepared to sleep, rather tired after that little adventure though the woods. Now she could only hole that she would be lucky enough to have the lovely visions that she usually, maybe then she would be relax a bit.
  13. [color#69698]After pushing the door closed, or as closed as it would go he lowered the bag to the floor and pulled out the few morsels of food he had managed to grab. There wasn't much but enough for the two of them for one meal, perhaps it was better to save it for after they slept, the rest of the bag was full of clothes and gently he slipped it under her head before folding his shirt and what he had been using as a hood for his own pillow.

    "Try to get some sleep, we'll move again when its dark." it didn't seem he needed to tell her to sleep but he said it anyway, so it would sound like he knew what he was doing, to him anyway while in truth he was afraid, for both of them. "Theres some food here if you get hungry.."[/color]
  14. Gergana smiled very faintly as he gave her the bag to use as a pillow. She was not used to sleeping on stone but at the same time she could not tell the difference between her own bed and the ground. When he mentioned the food she did not think to much on it, she did not have a large appetite like the others had, she did not know why but master had always said that she was special that way. She laid back into the bag and closed her eyes and she began to relax, wanting to fall asleep as soon as he could.

    "Alright, sleep well Radomir..." She said softly as she started to breath slowly, falling into a dreamless sleep until night fell upon them once again.
  15. [color=#69698]He didn't sleep, bot for the first few hours as the pre-dawn chill hit and the sky outside began to brighten, he lay on his side first staring at the wall, then glancing over at her, the only thing of his life he had left besides the fear and ire of the villagers. In his mind he tried to work out what was to become of them, where they would go, what they would do, how they would survive. The latter he feared would be the hardest question to answer the equipment they needed to repair serious damage no doubt destroyed in the fire.

    Then his eyes did finally close his dreams were restless filled with his fears and what had happened, fire, mobs, Gergana slowly falling apart. He didn't know it but in his sleeping attempts to pulls a blanket that wasn't there he took her arm and pulled it close.
  16. Gergana slept quietly, having no dreams or worries in her head. She knew that Radomir would not let anything happen to her and would help her deal with the outside world. She was quite dependent on at the moment, she had never left the castle at all until now, Master didn't ever want her to step out too far and rarely even let her walk the castle grounds. As they chill started to fill the air she found herself migrating closer to Radomir in the night, her arm having been captured by the man next to her. She was soon right next to him, her arm having been mistaken for the much missed blanket as she curled up next time him. Gergana made no complaints though, she was far to asleep to do so and the newly developed warmth that had started to form between them was rather welcomed.