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  1. I'm currently doing this type of storytelling with my boyfriend Pheonix and his best friend, Pheonix being the one who proposed the idea. I honestly just want to see if people find this concept appealing. If so, I'll move on to the next step.

    In a role play, players typically play at least one character, or more depending on the game, and interact with other characters in this fashion. In this game, you as the player can control every single character, eliminating the concept of Godmodding. You are allowed to write about everyone's thoughts, feelings and actions. You'll write one scene for this story, and then the next person will work on the next scene, using what the writer wrote previously to build upon. (And dear god, please do not write a whole chapter. I'm asking for post length scenes.) Unless it is game breaking, you CANNOT ask for material to be rewritten or edited. You work with what you are given. Each person can introduce one character to the story, but through writing the story do we all figure out who is the protagonist and antagonist. Everyone adds their own little piece to the story whether it be the genre, technology, and whether it's realistic or modern.

    The beauty in this is if someone drops out or is no longer able to post, we can still continue the story. There is no GM and just to make this game much more interesting you won't be able to talk with the other writers until say... The 2nd page or so. I've yet to decide on a set rotation for posts.

    If you've ideas, feedback or wish to join in this endeavor, leave a reply.
  2. Sounds like something I could give a 'go' at.
  3. I've thought about something like this before. I'm definitely interested, I'll see what it is first before jumping in, but I'm interested.
  4. Sounds like a jump in at it's best. Yeah I'd be interested to see it play out.
  5. Yes definitely has to be a jump in since I can't stick it in its separate genre.
  6. I love this type of storytelling. My friends and I used to do this all the time. We called it a blind challenge, seeing as you can't talk to each other.

    I would very much like to be a part of this.