Party x Party based RP?

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  1. Anyone know the Vocaloid song Party x Party? I was thinking it'd be fun to do a RP based on it.
    The plot would be something extremely basic, the "Dark Lord" getting bored and deciding to get a band of people together and helping them reach their castle and then throwing a party or maybe something darker depending on how the RP goes.
    As for the players, we'll need 6 (5 excluding me) + possible NPC's we'd control.
    If this gets enough interest I'll post one of those bio things to fill out for your character.
  2. *I'm trying to control my excitement right now*

    I love Party x Party, I'm so glad someone brought up the idea or else I was going to make a post about it anyways! I'm definitely interested. ^^
  3. 3/6, halfway there. Think I should get the signup started or nah?
  4. Yeah, if you're able to make it right now then I think you should. But I don't know how many other people would be interested in it, and you're going to have to expand the plot from more than what was in the video, possibly (though you probably already knew that...).
  5. Yeah, I know I'm going to have to add a few more things. This RP would fall under Fantasy, not Fandom, right?
  6. I'm guessing it's in fantasy. It depends on how much you expand the plot from the video.
  7. I'll put it in Fandom just to be safe.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.