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  1. Yo! Name’s Bookworm. I would love to role-play!
    Fair warning: I am quite new to the site. But I have been role-playing for a long time.

    About The Writer:

    · I am a Paragraph to Multi Para role-player. I am likely to write paragraphs. However, I do not write in lengths resembling novels.
    · My writing tends to have some grammar errors. It stills a work in progress. But it is bearable to read. There will be vague spelling mistakes here and there but it is not persistent. I expect others to be able to write up two or more paragraphs. Please… for the sake of the role-play, don’t write in text talk. Thanks!
    · I often go for fandoms and original characters. They will be listed in the next section of this post. I can role-play both males and females.
    · The kind of role-plays I go for is: Slice Of Life, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Feudal/Modern Era and occasionally Action.
    · My weaknesses are writing out fight scenes and smutty scenarios. Not my best area. I am about the story and character development.
    · I am open to ideas. I can be more of a submissive type when it comes to coming up with plots. My strong point is character ideas.
    · If any fandom I list below tickle your fancy, then shoot a response. I am willing to RP with other canons and OCs. Either from a series or another story.

    · I will choose to close this topic when a total of three or four people is accepted.

    -I do a good number of Fandoms. All which I have knowledge about. They are between Anime and Video Games.-
    Kingdom Hearts (BBS/1/2)
    -Mickey Mouse
    Final Fantasy (7 – 13)
    (Final Fantasy 7)
    -Yuffie Kisaragi.
    -Zack Fair
    (Final Fantasy 9)
    -Vivi Oriniter
    -General Beatrix
    (Final Fantasy 10/10-2)
    (Final Fantasy 13)
    -Sazh Katzroy
    Anime: Durara! Series
    -Celty Sturluson
    -Shizuo Heiwajima
    Anime: Blue Exorcist
    -Rin Okumura
    -Shiemi Moriyama
    About The Original Characters:
    I tend to make original characters inspired off of a series or from my ideas in a sense. I can list the type of characters I make.
    Types of OCs:
    -Bubbly/Friendly Characters
    -Quiet Types
    If anyone wish to RP with any of the OC types, that can easily be discussed in PMs if anything.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.