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  1. As always, I'm up for pretty much anything. I tend to adapt to whatever my partner wants or offers, so expect anything from a couple of sentences to an essay. Of course, the average for me is four or five paragraphs. Honestly, anything goes.

    I am happy to explore fandoms if you've got something in mind, so drop me a line if there's anything in particular you're keen on. The same goes for any plot or pairing, or even a character you have that you'd love to use.

    For now, here are a few pairings and the odd basic plot to hopefully whet your appetite. Also, bear in mind that these are all adaptable.

    The Chimeras

    Set in an alternate future, where chimeric children are often sold at birth to medical research. These chimeras are twins that absorbed their sibling in the womb, and although until recently this was thought to be of no consequence, scientists have discovered that these people have latent powers that are ripe for the picking. The average chimera can control one element, when their power is activated (usually through extreme trauma), but their abilities can be enhanced by the use of genetic transplant.

    Most chimeras never know the outside world until they are deployed. If they survive into adulthood, they are then sold to the world's armies, or even into private security, if the bidder is willing to pay enough. They are essentially weapons, and although they do have thoughts and feelings of their own, they rarely show any dissent.

    This story would focus on the escape of at least one chimera, the pairing of which could go in a few directions. We could have a scientist, an activist, another chimera or perhaps even an owner. Whatever the case, we would start off in the research compound, and move along into a headlong adventure.

    The Blind Shinigami

    This centralises on a character known as a soul punisher. Her duty is to find lost dark souls, and bring them back to the shinigami realm for judgement. She also carries out their punishment, whatever that might be. In this world, if a soul is not intercepted by a shinigami, it will become a demon, regardless of its righteousness. Without guidance, souls are doomed to evil.

    The shinigami in this story has exiled herself out of shame (or will do, depending on the start point of this story). Pairings are flexible, and can include humans, demons and shinigami, depending on the angle we take. And, in case you hadn't guessed, the character in this happens to be blind.

    A Zombies Worst Nightmare

    Once upon a time, Medusa really existed, and her power felled one of the most respected judges of the time. This man was presumed dead, although in reality he was in a mystically induced catatonic state. For hundreds of years, this man slept, until finally he was resurrected by an angel.

    In the present time, the raised man continues his work in judgement, assigning humans their afterlife destinations shortly before their deaths. Alongside this, he attempts to live in a world utterly foreign, and also hide his less than ordinary nature.

    Post Apocalyptic Samurai

    The world as we know it ended almost a century ago. Society is beginning to rebuild, under the teachings of feudal Japan. Cities are a long distant memory, and villages are about as large as settlements get, though in many areas nomadic gangs are still rampant. It's a dangerous world, one in which religion plays a huge part.

    Within this society, a religious sect of warrior priests has arisen, and this plot will follow the story of one of these 'samurai' as they are known. They utilise technology and historic ideals, seeking to rebuild the world into a utopia, united against the evils of humanity.

    Two Brothers

    Two men that were once close, but drifted apart over the years. One, a violent and somewhat manic individual, chose a life of crime in order to sustain himself in the easiest and possibly the most exciting way. The second is rather more thoughtful, and certainly not a violent type. He dragged himself out of the mud, got himself a respectable job, and all but forgot his brother.

    Will these two ever reconcile their differences? Will they go back to the way things were?

    Puppet x puppet master - Bound by obsession.
    Recluse x carer - Will anything ever change?
    Vampire x vampire - An angst fest extraordinaire
    Bird spirit x human or demon - A caged bird...
    Demon hunter x demon hunter - One of them has a secret.
  2. I'd love to try out the chimera one
  3. The blind shinigami idea or the demon hunters tickle my fancy!
  4. Bird spirit x human or demon sounds like a really interesting premise! I'd love if we could work something out.
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