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  1. Hello there! Thanks for taking a moment to look at my partner search!
    I have plots and pairings for both original ideas and fandoms, so please take a look!

    Requirements for my partners (open)

    1. Please have good grammar and spelling. Also, please know how to use punctuation correctly.
    2. Use third person only.
    3. Be active. I need a partner who can reply more than once a day.
    4. Be willing to double, or play the male, and possibly canon characters.
    5. Know the difference between your and you're, PLEASE.
    6. Please be honest with me and communicate. If you become bored, or overworked, and you need to quit the role play, or if you're going to be gone/busy for a while, please let me know. I will do the same for you.

    Please note: I only do female/male romance.

    Original Pairings/Ideas-

    Unhealthy relationship
    Friends in love
    Brother/Sister Medieval romance
    Young adult pregnancy
    Cheating spouse
    Arranged Marriage
    Historical (Medieval, 20's, 50's, 60's, Victorian Era)


    Please note: I only do canon/Oc for fandoms and anime.
    No oc/oc, and no canon/canon.

    (All canon/oc)

    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    The Hobbit
    Persona (3 and 4)
    Legend of Zelda
    Dragon Age (Two and Inquisition)
    Harvest Moon
    Star Wars
    Breaking Bad
    Hunger Games


    (All canon/Oc)

    Ouran High School Host Club
    FMA: Brotherhood
    Attack On Titan
    Death Note
    High School Debut


    Gerard Way
    Tom Hiddleston
    Leonardo Dicaprio
    Charlie Hunnam
    Brad Pitt

    I am the biggest Dragon Age nerd. BIGGEST.

    My heart leapt.

    Although, I've never done a fandom rp before. I'd be skeptical. Simply because I am afraid I won't do the cannon characters correctly. Also, I only really ever play female characters in romance rps.

    But, uh, a couple of questions.

    1. Do you prefer to rp in a thread or through PMs?
    2. How much of a part does romance play in your rps typically?
    3. What is the rp you have been craving the most lately?
  3. I love Dragon Age so much! :> I've been dying for someone to do it with me lol.

    Hm, well, I can understand your skepticism, since I was like that too, at first, but really, it's not too hard.
    Most people don't want the canon characters played exactly as they are, so it's easy to put your own spin on them!

    1- I like threads, but I will do PM if my partner wants to~
    2- Romance is the big picture, but I love to do adventure types, horror, drama, ect. I always put romance in though, because that's the funnest thing for me, personally. I suck at action though.
    3- I've been craving a Fenris/Oc Dragon Age role play, or the Junkie/Junkie one, I've also been really into the medieval sibling idea, or a Snape/Oc~
  4. I don't know an awful lot about Harry Pooter, but if be interested in any of the others. Specifically, the FenrisxOC or/and the junkie/junkie. Do you have any ideas for the specific plots you want?
  5. I'd really like to do Fenris/Oc. I have a plot for that particular idea.
    If you're interested, I can PM it to you.
  6. Yeah. I'd love to hear about it.
  7. Oh dear, is this still open? I apologize for only joining right now. :<

    I'm totally interested with Historical - I'm more comfortable with the 1800s. :3 And I'm a little obsessed with Tom Hiddleston (oh how I had to resist from calling him T. Hiddy!) right now, so I guess Tom?

    By Marvel, do you mean the comics or the MCU? I'm more familiar with the MCU, I'm sorry. ;;

    -LV x
  8. Young Adult Pregnancy sounds interesting. For some reason I have been craving that. Let's see what we can work out.
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