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  1. Looking for a partner for an RP I'd like to give a go.

    I was thinking, maybe (MC), a 17 year old girl, is on an academic scholarship at an prestige, rich kid school. However, (YC), the resident bad boy of the school, who can't get kicked out because his parents donate so much to the school each year, sees her going home late at night, as he lives in the same street as her, sees her father abuse her right outside their house. It's a surprise to him because she always seems so happy at school, surrounded by friends and laughing. The next day at school, he approaches her about the subject, but he pretends she doesn't have a clue what he's talking about and walks off. From then on (YC) becomes interested in (MC) and tries to befriend her and get her to open up about what's going on in her home.
    (YC) and (MC) soon become friends and (MC) is soon hanging out with (YC)'s group of friends in stead of her own. But she still won't say a word and (YC) sees almost night after night of the abuse that no one else ever sees. (YC) begins to feel a sort of protectiveness towards (MC) which he doesn't quite understand. (MC)'s father has to leave on a business trip, leaving (MC) by herself for about a month. (YC) continuously shows up at her door step and could (up to you) basically drag her out of the house to do stuff some and other days, just make himself at home in her place.
    Their relationship builds, obviously, but (MC) is still reluctant to say anything, mainly because she's afraid of what her father will do if she tells anyone.

    My character isn't the shy, quiet type, however. She is pretty out going, it's just that she kind of shuts off and closes up when anyone(Well, (YC), because he's the only that knows) tries to ask her about the abuse. She's a pretty daring character, so don't feel she will be fragile.. She's only fragile about her home life.

    It's deeper than my normal RPs but I would love to give this a go.

    If anyone is interested, let me know! Go ahead and post on here.

    Request has been granted. RP now taken by Xan

    To be used as a plot discussion thread now and OOC talk
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