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  1. Hello. I know, I've got a lot of this new little check-boxes filled in, but I'm just making sure I get all my bases covered. :-p

    I am a female looking for a male partner right now, as it seems I've let my rp number decline again. If you'd like to check my resume, be my guest, but you can find out most answers just by asking.

    I usually play subs, but I would not be opposed to trying to be a dom. I'm just really rusty at it, honestly. A lot of my plots seem like cliches, but with a good partner, those can be fun to re-arrange. :-)

    Some ideas that I had:

    A Master/Pet: In this one I have two of my characters that I can run. One is timid, shy, fearful, and a healer. The other is my fighter/reluctant sub who you'll have to earn it from. Both would start out at either an auction or a "pet" store with either girl being treated rather poorly. Either a gentle or a rough dom for either girl.

    The Were/Hunter: My character, a werewolf, runs afoul or your character, a werewolf hunter. Up until that point, most of the were's he's dealt with will have been true monsters, men bent only one killing. this is the first female, and she regrets every injury brought to others by her. When he realizes this, he must decide whether to put her down or try and save her.

    The Prince: He's raised to be charming, not sincere it would seem. He flits from woman to woman, slave or noble. But when his father falls deathly ill, he must assume a responsibility he never wanted. And find a woman out of those he's dis-guarded who is eligible, willing, and worthy of the title "Queen".
  2. I'm interested in the prince rp c:
  3. Hello Fira.
    Your plots interest me.
    If you wish to create something at some point please drop in a Pm.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
  4. Im interested in the master/pet idea :D
  5. Hello. I'm also interested in the master pet rp. If you are still accepting then please just pm or reply. Thank you. Have a nice night.