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  1. CHANGELOG 10/12/2016 - Pairings updated.
    10/21/2016 - Massive re-design completed. Modified pairings and premises.
    10/30/2016 - Activity has reached a peak. Currently not really seeking more roleplays/partners.

    Because it seems like most Redstar searches focus a lot more on lusty/sexy roleplays, I do not feel comfortable placing this in Redstar. Even though I'm looking primarily for 18+ partners and somewhat mature themes, I'm not looking to focus on smut. I'm really divided about this choice still.

    Hi, everyone! If you want to know more about me in real life, you can look at my introduction thread HERE. Overall, I like to try getting to know my partner on an OOC level, such as discussions in PMs or instant messengers like discord or skype. Just a heads up, I'm not a big fan of voice communication though. Feel free to reply in this thread once to state that we're discussing things, but overall I'd prefer to plan partners in PMs. Thanks!
    ++Good Things++ ➜Focus on some form of Character Development
    ➜You can play mostly any gender you want to play!
    ➜Focus on a cohesive setting, typically original or at least a modified fandom.
    ➜PMs, forum thread, IMs, don't care which we RP in.
    ➜Can focus on lighthearted or more dark themes, but usually not too extreme in either direction.
    ➜I make an effort to make sure we communicate our goals and plans.
    ➜I am very active. One post a day or more. One post every other day if something happens like a holiday or something unexpected.
    ➜I prefer art and/or animanga pictures for roleplay.
    ➜I love romance like a lot of people.
    ➜My posting length is very detail-orientated. Usually 2 paragraphs at bare minimum.
    ➜I only expect interesting and 3-dimensional character portrayals. One-paragraph posts (6-7 sentances) are fine so long as that's achieved.
    ++Bad Things++No text talk.
    ➜My main characters are always female or transgender (male -> female)
    ➜I don't like really rugged/mangy/exceedingly dark characters like hardcore werewolves, vampires, certain types of demons...
    ➜I do not find any interest in one-offs. I need opportunities for character growth.
    ➜I sometimes experiment with things that are a little new to me, like puzzles in roleplay scenarios. These may need more work.
    ➜I am very picky when it comes to which settings I want to play in.
    ➜I don't want players who are like a wall when it comes to communication.
    ➜I don't want players who want to post at a very casual posting speed, like 3 times a week. That is too slow for me.
    ➜Except for specific instances, I don't like featuring real life pictures for any roleplay.
    ➜I don't like roleplays where the plot or the characters are entirely focused around the smut. I DO like subverting scenarios that typically lead into smut, though
    For 1x1 roleplays, I kind of like starting with a sort of general pairing. I focus on settings, but with a pairing in mind that lets us sort of decide what setting might make for the kind of experience we're looking for, then we can modify the pairing or even the setting from that point onward. Some pairings could even be merged together, but for simplicity's sake I tried to keep them separate.

    Pairings you would need minimal convincing me to do are underlined. Pairings that go best with a specific premise are double-asterisked at the end. Role I would prefer to play is bold.
    • Mermaid x Your Choice**
    • Tribal Captive/Transformee x Your Choice
    • (Small/tiny) Fairy x Your Choice
    • Animanga-infected lady x Your Choice**
    • Priestess x Surprised Assassin
    • Famous hero x Item shop owner
    • Explorer x Local
    • Captive x Captive
    • Yokai/supernatural x Samurai/warrior
    • Mage x Familiar
    • Fallen hero x Your Choice
    I'm not a huge fan of roleplay in fandoms and I'm not even familiar with many popular fandoms, but here are ones I could probably be convinced to get into;
    • Final Fantasy XI
    • Homestuck
    • Xenoblade Chronicles X
    • Angel Beats!
    • Zero Escape Series
    • Megaman Zero Series
    • Megaman Legends Series

    My Favorite Things

    I really like permanently transforming my characters into something. Whether it's a new gender, new species or both, it's fun. Some of these are more meant for character development, while some are more because I find it sexy. I'm weird.
    Character Development

    I focus a lot of my roleplays over the concept of overcoming a struggle of some sort. That means that there will almost always be some level of drama, suspense or something featured in roleplays that I create or otherwise take part in.
    Cohesive Setting

    I like to take part in roleplays that feature a setting that at least has a framework in place that differentiates it from any other old generic setting. The characters are very important, sure, yet I really want to feel like they grew up or otherwise were thrown into a specific world. What I don't want is to feel like they grew up in any number of worlds whose details are unimportant. If something gets introduced in a setting, I'd like there to be a cohesive logic to it.

    Fairies or 'Magical Creatures'

    I have a bias towards 'cute' things in particular.
    Genre Preferences

    Settings; Sci-fi, Post-modern, Magical Apocalypse, Very specific kinds of fantasy.
    Flavor/plot: Suspense/Mystery, Romance, Character Development, Speculative Fiction, Action

    Feel free to ask me about specific genres to see my reaction. You might be surprised!
    Roleplay Ideas/Plots
    Aquatic Roleplay

    I have never actually been able to roleplay something that properly featured interactions while underwater. I think there are so many possibilities that could be debated here. There are several ideas I have based off of this.

    One in particular is a roleplay based off of the Zero Escape series! Where our characters will end up as captives with a group of other captives, forced to play through a series of games and trials with the purpose of escaping. Things turn out to be a lot more complex than once thought as the true reason for the 'game' is revealed and hidden motives of the other players are revealed, perhaps even hidden motives of our own characters. This could take place in an underwater setting and feature a lot of underwater stuff! Yeah! Though in order to play this to the fullest I would probably need to spoil a lot of the plot ideas to you, so that everything makes sense. It involves specific time travel shenanigans in the form of multi-verse theory/time-axis theory. Expect a lot of lite sci-fi shenanigans and theory exploration, though also more fantasy elements like lite magic and mermaids coming into play.

    Art Infection

    This one is a bit weird, though it was ultimately inspired by a short story I read a few years ago. It's basically the idea of a sort of animanga world overlapping/staining the real world.

    Considering my love of the animanga style, this premise is based on the idea of people in the real world being 'infected' by something which changes them to an extent. They're a vaguely 3-dimensional representation of art in the animanga style. Anything they touch is also temporarily stained by their body, even other people, to take on the same style as their body. They could like, freely phase into and out of medias of art display like computer monitors, statues, art canvas' and papers.

    This roleplay could take a a lot of different turns. It could be designed to stay entirely silly/lighthearted, or it could take much darker turns. An example of 'darker' would be ideas like racism, distrust and segregation forming because of this infection. Maybe some people lose sight of themselves depending on how sensitive they are to certain aspects of the infection. There's even a few major plot twists that I'm thinking of that would explain the existence of this infection, too, if we wanted to go down that route. we would have to discuss it if you were interested.

    'Lite Fantasy' Natural Resurgence

    This roleplay premise is primarily designed to be played in a 'lite fantasy' setting, one with only certain aspects of more mainstream medieval fantasy like Tolkien or Faerunn/Forgotten Realms, ideally depicted in a more anime style because I'm anime trash.

    The idea revolves particularly around a continent in some world where humanity was once thriving. They had great cities, maybe even highly technological ones, but something happened that caused the downfall of all human civilization on this continent. This occurred hundreds of generations ago. What written information that was left over would be limited, and for the purposes of the setting any computer data would have been affected by something that scrambled most of the data. Maybe these computers use data crystals instead of magnetic coding, but something in the plot/lore caused these crystals to get scrambled? Anyways, what IS known is usually passed down through oral tradition, though there would still be some books hidden away that could tell about how society once was. There are no known books that detail what happened during its downfall, though. It's essentially a dark age.

    Humanity lives on, but only really in small villages. Whenever they try to expand beyond that they usually start to run into problems from nature pushing back. This is because humanity needs to control and manipulate nature to grow large, yet now there are denizens who live very closely tied to nature itself. They are adversely affected whenever humans do things like cutting down large swaths of trees, doing large mining operations, farming the land dry, things like that. Considering that these denizens have powerful magics over humanity, humans have never been able to grow past the size of villages.

    Those aforementioned denizens would be called Silvesrae. I basically just googled latin for 'Nature'(naturae) and 'Wild'(silvestre) and merged the two to get that word. Silvesrae are meant to be a more serious/less two-dimensional version of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. Considering how I like to subvert smut, I want to make it so that each Silvesrae has some form of lore around them, and that they're all themed after being very close to nature in some way. And not revolving around sex or smut or whatever. Some of them could form towns or even entire cities that exist close to nature and alongside it, rather than in opposition to it.
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  2. I performed a pretty big update to the partner search and am still seeking a few more partners.

    I changed premise ideas, added pairings, removed a few, and made stuff easier to read!
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