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  1. Heyo! It's been a good long while since I've put up any personal plot idea's that I've had and I figured that it was about time to do that. Though I have the idea's placed here I am also open to your personal plot ideas as well so don't hesitate to message me and bring them up. I'll tell you right up if I'm interested or not ;D Anyway here's what I've got.

    Let Me Serve You(Closed) (open)
    Setting: Historical Japan, Heian Period

    There is a village, resting against a mountain side but otherwise surrounded by forest and field, where a powerful samurai family resides. Working for them guarantees great wealth and a successful future, no matter if be from making their weapons or assembling their armor. However, it seemed that recently there has been a bit of trouble at the family's compound.

    The cook of the family as retired, deciding to go live with her children and live out the rest of her days in peace. Of course, it seems that it has become very difficult to replace her as the head of the family has been spoiled rotten with her delicious food. Unsatisfied, he turns away every person who can not satisfy his tastes, constantly sending out his fighters to go find him only the best chef in the country side when they really should be training and keeping up their skill. The elders grow tired of the head's foolish ways and send out someone as well who will hopefully find a solution to this silly problem...

    A Lady, young but built for a farm life, comes to the village. She has left her family, which was packed already with several sons, to seek her own future. Though, she is in truth avoiding being married off, as she is of the age to do so. Not wanting to marry a man as old as her father, she ran with what she could carry, making her money working at tea shops and inns cooking. While passing through the village, she hears a fighter calling in the street for all who could cook meals to step forward. If they could please the master of the samurai family, they would be guaranteed a place in the service of the family for life! On the last of her money, she takes the challenge, only to find that she was getting much more than a job and a place to live...but a handful of a master!

    The Sweetest Of Them All...(Closed) (open)
    Setting: Fantasy Country, Victorian Era

    The country of Sorhiel was a land of magic and wizardry, thriving on magical power and potions as a major part of it's economy. Beings of all sorts live there, from werewolves to vampires, all sorts of mythical creatures and beings live in this peaceful and wondrous country. Human's as well also reside in this beautiful and amazing place...One such human just so happens to have made quite the impact on the capital city.

    A young witch of human decent has made a name for herself in the most odd of ways...Sweets! Running and owning the greatest sweets shop in all of Sorhiel, people of all sorts come just to see the variety and amounts of candies and pastries that fill the shelves and cases of the cute shop Candy Bag. There is more than just little pieces of chocolate and sugars as well, there are special magical candies as well from growing one into a giant to turning a person into a chicken! Her candies are used by great wizards and warriors as well as eaten and enjoyed by the common folk. However, as her candies grow more popular the young witch has more and more trouble keeping up with demand...If only she had an assistant to help out!

    (This as a lot more openness to it, so if you have any additional idea's to go along with it please bring them up!)

    Down On The Farm(Open) (open)
    Setting: Country Side, Modern Era

    Located on the quiet country side was a small little pig farm. Owned for several generations it lands in the hands of a young woman much against her will. Having failed to become published with her completed novel she's forced to head tot he farm left to her in the will of her grandfather. Upon her arrival she finds the farm to more or less be falling apart and the livestock to just wandering about randomly. It was such a mess! However, with few options and her parents breathing down her neck she decides to keep the farm and attempt to get it running again. As her moving truck arrives with all of her things so does a former employee of her grandfather...And so a very odd and complicated relationship follows and she tries to fix the farm and, in a way, fix herself...

    All of these can be altered and worked around for the better of the RP so please don't hesitate to toss around some ideas! Anyway, message me here or via PM if you have any interest!
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  2. I would like to try 'let me serve you'
  3. The 2nd and 3rd ideas sound interesting. :)
  4. I'm interested in the down the farm rp :)
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