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  1. Hi! I'm new here, but not new to role playing, and I'm on the search for partners!

    I don't have any solid ideas right now, so I'm open to about anything, just shoot me a PM to discuss. All I can say is that I'm in the mood for a MxM/yaoi role play (though that is not all I'm willing to do) uwu~ (Also keep in mind I highly prefer to play the sub, and I only mean that in the sense of who is giving and receiving, not personality wise. But then again, mature content is not a requirement!)

    Pairings & Fandoms:
    - SNK
    - Slave x Slave
    - Brother x Brother
    - Twincest
    - Free!
    - Alpha/Omega (probably contains mpreg!)
    - Slave x Prince
    - Fantasy creatures (Faeries, vampires, etc.)
    - God x Mortal
    - Bunch of other things I'm probably not thinking of!

    So hit me up!
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  2. I have been in a mood for experimentxscientist roleplay, so are you up for that?.
  3. I'll hit you up. I'm up for a yaoi roleplay. I fancy 'em a lot.
  4. I'm willing to try just about anything! But nothing too crazy?
  5. Updated! Still looking!
  6. I just noticed this ;; are you still interested in rping with me?
  7. Anything you're really interested in doing? :3
  8. Maybe the Brother x Brother
  9. Alpha/Omega (probably contains mpreg!) combined with Fantasy creatures (Faeries, vampires, etc) or SNK would be amazing! Up for more partners still?
  10. Yep! Do you mind shooting me a PM? c: Maybe there's a way we can incorpate all three~
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.