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  1. So I have been having this idea in mind for a while now and wanted to give it a shot...
    First thing first. This is my first time trying out fantasy rps--always preferring modern ones--but for a change of pace and curiosity I'm willing to do it. I'm a highschooler so time might not be to my advantage. I can reply every two to three days. My writing is considered semi-lit, I guess, and could at times be imperfect. The story line is planned to be a bit dark themed and contains gore. Another thing: It's probably going to be male on male rp.

    Story line: A male wandering on his own in a cemetery finds an abnormal looking boy sleeping on the dusty ground. Little did he know about him yet took him in. As he unfolds his past and discovers his secrets, his own life is put on the line.

    I only wrote the raw idea and didn't put any details into it because I would love to create an elaborate, solid world for this play with my partner, where we could both live and immerse.
  2. This sounds super fun! I'd love to try to work something out with you.
  3. i'd be interested if you're still lookin
  4. I'll do this =)
    if you will take me that is
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.