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  1. Welcome to my humble thread, take a seat, get comfortable.. and enjoy the presentation.

    My expectations:

    - 1-3 sentences. I haven't roleplayed in a while, so I want to ease into the process of typing paragraphs.
    - You have to have good grammar and punctuation.
    - I'd like to have an active partner that posts everyday.

    A little information on me:

    - I sometimes go a bit too far when I detail blood and gore, if I go past your comfort zone, tell me.
    - I'm a student. Which means 5 days through the week I wont be on until the afternoon.
    - I have the memory of a goldfish. Please notify me if I haven't posted in a day or two.
    - Since it's hard for me to play the opposite gender, I tend to only play males.
    - I'm a big fan of romance, but I don't like to make my characters a ''knight in shining armor''. I prefer to play the more rough type of guy that subtly flirts, or.. the rich boy that doesn't have much muscle on him.
    - And last but not least, I'm a little thread shy, and I prefer to RP over PM rather than a thread. But if a thread is needed, it'll be made.


    The only setting I feel like doing right now is one set in a Fantasy world. If I have the sudden urge to do something else, I'll edit this post.

    The ones in bold are the ones I want to be.)

    Adventurer x Adventurer
    Hero x Villain
    Experienced Hero x New Hero
    Drunken Vagabond
    x Bar Maiden
    Villain x Anti-Hero

    If you have any questions about a certain pairing, just ask me! Anyway.. that's all I have for now, but if anyone has an idea they'd like to do, I'd love to hear it. And, uh, reply here or PM me if you're interested. ^_^

  2. I like the hero villain idea. sounds fun. Pm me?
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  3. I like the villain and anti-hero plot.Pm if you're interested in rping with me.
  4. The drunken vagabond and bar maiden sounds me. PM me :3
  5. I wouldn't mind hero x villain

    Since I've been wanting to play a female mercenary/sniper and haven't been playing flirty femme fatales in foreverrrrrr

    But if you're full and only wanted one partner for each RP then I understand!c:
    (What I mean by that is like, one RP each rather then two of the same thing XD)
  6. I can do Adventurer x Adventurer and Experienced Hero x New Hero! Your pick on what we officially do though! I'm flexible with times and all that jazz.
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