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  1. Not Taking Any Other Partners At This Time

    Hello there. My name's Tinder and I'm on yet another search for a roleplaying partner. I come forward today with plot in hand hoping to find a great partner and give this story a go. First things first though, I'd like to give you an idea of what sort of partner I'm looking for in list form of course.

    Traits I'm Looking For:
    • Length - As a rule, I prefer content be placed in order of importance over length, but I have also found that short posts tend to kill my interest in a roleplay. Because of this, I want to place my minimum post length for my partner at about two paragraphs in length. If you can post more than this, that would be great too. I tend to try to live up to what my partner posts, so when you post a lot, it motivates me to do the same in return.
    • Grammar - I would like you to have a good understanding of grammar. The occasional spelling error or grammatical error is fine, but I would like them to be only occasional. Please be able to write in third person as well and stay in the correct tense. Again, the occasional mistake is understandable, but I tend to be distracted by repeated errors. Sorry if this one seems a little daunting, but don't let it turn you away. If you're concerned about it, please bring it up and we can discuss it.
    • Activity - It would be great if you could post about once or twice a week at least. I don't mind waiting for posts, but it is discouraging to wait for weeks just to get a single post. I'm usually fairly active myself and I can post multiple times a day if I'm really in a writing mood (and there's no homework in my way), but until the end of the semester I'll be fairly busy during the week. So if you're an active roleplayer or no so active, I think we can make it work.
    • Writing Style - By this I mean how you usually roleplay. I'm looking for someone who will take an active role in creating the plot for the story with me. I've got a fairly good outline for this story, but I want someone who isn't afraid to throw their own ideas in and shake things up a bit. After all, I like to be surprised by twists just as much as everyone else. So please be willing to brainstorm with me and come up with some fresh ideas of your own to combine with what I've got. As a side note in this one, I would like you to be able to bring in side characters as needed so that the story has more than two characters involved.
    Along with these, I'd like to say that I tend to focus on character development and interaction a lot, so be prepared. While I want some action in the mix, a lot of the roleplay will revolve around the characters.

    One more note, please only express your interest in a roleplay if you intend to purse it. I have had several different partners just disappear on my after we started getting a plot together and it is very discouraging. I really don't like to be left in the cold like that. I know life can get crazy at a moment's notice, but if it does I would at least like you to inform me that you cannot continue or will be busy for a long time. Otherwise I keep planning the story and waiting only to see it never get to the light of day.

    On to a bit about myself before I get into the plot. I won't make this too long, I promise.

    Limits/Other Random Comments:
    • Romance - I enjoy romance a great deal, whether you want to make it love at first sight or the more realistic relationship that builds over time. I am a bit of a romantic at heart though, so I enjoy the more sweet and mushy (for lack of a better term) aspect of it. If you don't normally take you romance in that direction, we can always discuss it later. On that note, I will not include anything in in the roleplay that would exceed a PG-13 level. This means I would like to halt the physical part of the relationship at kissing and no farther than that. Also only MxF relationships please.
    • Violence - I'm not really bothered by anything to do with violence, so just follow the site's rules and we'll be fine.
    • Language - I can handle language, but I do ask that you keep it to a minimum. If the situation calls for a curse, then I don't mind, but just don't have your character cursing every other word. I find it distracting to have to read through.
    • I like details, so be warned. I like to get the world I roleplay in well planned out along with the characters, which can be aggravating for some. Just be prepared for some great planning before we start.
    • I can play both genders, though I prefer women. This only applies to main character though, as I often bring in a host of side characters.
    Alright, we've made it the plot portion of the post! (a strike though means it's taken)

    She Who Walks with Spirits:
    Beyond our world, there is a spirit plane that exists in a parallel realm. In the past, the two worlds were far more connected, but the age of technology has driven a wedge between the two realms and they now rarely interact together.
    In the modern world, there is a young woman who can see things that no one else believes to be real. She has lived with this "gift" for many years and despite her best attempts to avoid it, her connection to spirit plane continues to grow. She tries to live a normal life, but things grow more and more complicated by the day. Until the day she is attacked by creatures from the world beyond. It is only the timely intervention of strange man from the same place that saves, starting the adventures of our heroes as they seek to find out how this woman is connected to the spirit world and what it means for the people of both the beyond and her own world.

    Alright, that my attempt at a pretty summary, so here's the basics to break it down. This is a fantasy roleplay which will feature both the real world and a fantasy world. We can change the time era for our world if you'd like, but I thought modern made sense. It will not be grounding in reality whatsoever though, so don't worry about the real world aspect of it. For the fantasy element, I want to base the spirit world and creatures living in it off of Japanese mythology. I find the creatures within it very interesting and I think they would be fun creatures to use. My character would be the girl in the summary (I've already got a character set for this) and I'm looking for someone who would be willing to play her male counterpart. My character is what I'm calling a "spirit bridge" or a human who has the essence of a creature within her and because of this has a connection to the spirit world and certain abilities with it. This will be reveal in the roleplay and talked about in more detail.

    As for male character in the story, I imagine him being a powerful creature from the other world, perhaps a young lord or warrior who would have a lot of say with his people. We can discuss the sort of society that the other world has as well as its creatures while brainstorming, but I imagine them operating in clans and having a very loyal mindset to them. I don't really care what kind of creature your character is, but please try to look up a real creature from Japanese mythology like a Tengu or Kitsune. Please don't just have your character be half cat or something. As for their intentions or personality, that's your call. I want you to feel free to make your character as you want to, so get as creative as you want. The things above are just my own thoughts and they do not have to be concrete.


    Unlike my other plot, this idea only just recently came to me and is nothing more than the skeleton of a story. In short, there is a world that believes everything is controlled by fate and destiny. Within this world, there is a prophecy, one that has either been around for centuries or perhaps repeats itself in each generation, that places two young people against each other, whether it be to decide the fate of the world or a smaller group of people. The one who wins shows what fate has in store for the next age/generation.

    The idea is that this sort of things has been going on for ages. In the current age, the pair chosen meet before their destinies are discovered. Perhaps it happened in secret recently, or maybe they grew up together. Either way, it was enough to endear them to each other. When they find out their destinies are to fight to the death for their people, it tears them apart. One accepts it, giving into their fate. The other fights to save them both as well as their world/family/whatever we want them to be fighting for.

    As you can see, this is a very vague idea, but I think it has potential. If you'd be interested in fleshing it out, I'd love to hear from you. I would like there to be a romance, but it could be a story about just friendship. All the details may be debated, so don't be shy.


    More vagueness ahoy! This is a plot that I once tried, but it died tragically before reaching its true potential, partly from my partner disappearing, but also from lack of plot. It is an adventure on the high seas with pirates. I will admit this now, I have never done a great deal with pirates or really ever been into the sub-genre, but this is a plot that I believe sounds interesting.

    There is a crew of pirates who roam the high seas who are rumored to be cursed. All sailors fear them, though the people of mainland claim they are a myth. However, in this case, the stories are true. The pirates roam the seven seas in search of a way to undo their curse and take back their humanity.

    During an attack on another ship, the pirates discover a young woman masquerading as a man. Something occurs which causes them to spare her life and take her aboard. This begins their journey of discovery.

    What is the nature of their curse? Debatable. How did they receive it? What must be done to break it? We have a few gaps to fill in. I have two characters to go with this plot, the young woman and the first mate of the pirates. I would like someone to play the pirate captain. The only thing that I can really say about the curse is that it differs from crew member to crew member and give each a special ability. The first mate is a shape shifter (living things only) but has issues controlling his mind and is prone to fits of blind rage.

    As for the meat of the plot, the original idea was to work towards breaking their curse with a romance between the girl and the pirate captain. This can be changed, though I would like to keep the romance in it. I can also, tentatively, offer this as a doubling romance, since it was originally done as such. I'm not the best at doubling, as I tend to focus on one character more than the other, but I'm willing if that will be more fun for you.

    So, that's all I've got. Just give me a shout if you're interested and we'll get started. :)
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  2. Posting from phone at the moment, so my reply will be short but.... I am very much interested! You can check posts by post stalking me via profile or reading my resume. I will ping you a pm when I get to my computer, in a few hours!
  3. Updated with new plots added! :D

    Come on, you know you want to give one a try.
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