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  1. Hi, I'm Setsuyu! I'm searching for someone that's interested in doing FxF or MxF RolePlay. I'd prefer doing it via chat but I'm fine with a thread too. It can have sexy times or just plot or a bit of both. I prefer being the submissive one but I can be dominant as well. Send me a PM if your interested or have any questions.
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  2. I'm interested in any of your role play ideas :)
  3. RP ads for stories that will include sexy times need to be posted in the mature forums. Make sure if you decide to go the smutty route, that you contact someone to move this thread and the Roleplay :3
  4. If's their action . i'll try to do my best
  5. Ok I will PM both of you with the ideas or are you interested in doing a three way chat and possibly four?
    @Brother Gabriel
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  6. Ok thank you for telling me @Minibit
  7. Sure I can try .
  8. Separate or together?
  9. I say separate but .. do whatever you like.
  10. Wanna role play in conversations?:)
  11. I'm interested! I'm very new here, so I'm not sure how to go about starting.
  12. Alright then I'll PM you in a minute.
  13. Awesome!
Thread Status:
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