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  1. I had this idea run across my head, well it was more of a dream I had. It seems rather odd I would have a dream like so, but whatever.

    The idea~

    (MC) has a habit of sleeping around with a lot of women, a lot of one night stands. He starts to get bored with women so he began to explore sleeping with men. Though he only slept with one, he had planned to be the "top" but ended up liking to be "bottom" better. He only meant for it to be a one night stand, then he would go back to his usual. The only problem was that this other guy didn't like the thought, so he ends up becoming a stalker. Really freaking (MC) out.
    (MC) ends up going to a strip club, just to see if he could lose the guy. It ends up being a male strip club, this is where (MC) meets (YC). The owner of the club. Now (YC) knows the stalker, they are rival Gang Leaders. They each have their own legit companies, but they also have their underground activities. (YC) sees the opportunity to take out the competition, by using (MC) to really get under the stalkers skin.

    ~ Now your character can be aggressive and claim MC as his, refusing to allow anyone else to touch him.
    ~ This is MxM
    ~ I would really prefer someone more active during the day, but can work around it.
    ~ At least a full size, readable paragraph. Absolutely no one-liners.

    I am definitely open to all and new ideas!
  2. I'm interested!
  3. Yes! So do you have any questions? PM me.