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  1. Hello my loves and welcome to my search thread. As the title states I'm on the hunt for any male literate partners and I'm only interested in mxf pairings unless doubling with another female. My pairing preference (YOU x ME): Canon x OC, Canon x Canon, and maybe OC x OC. Also please do not PM me, I have a hard time keeping up with them and/or I loose track of them very easily.

    • Two or more paragraphs for every post
    • Threads only
    • Basic grammar and spelling
    • Please be willing to play both Canons and/or OC's
    • NO Incest, alien/tentacles, watersports/scat, and furries
    • NO anime/manga pictures; real life (celebrity) only
    • NO God-modding, text chat, Gary/Mary-Sues, and one or two-liners
    • Please don't ask me if I know any anime/manga and/or video games

    X-Men (Cinematic, 90's, and Evolution)
    Star Trek (Abrams)
    Star Wars (Cinematic or Books)
    Harry Potter
    The Dark Knight Trilogy
    The Notebook
    The Loft (2014)
    Interview with the Vampire
    Moulin Rouge
    Phantom of the Opera
    Xena: Warrior Princess
    Almost Human
    The Following
    Celebrity Crush (I will only play an OC against a male celeb, but I am willing to double)

    Highland Warrior/Laird x Time-Traveling Woman
    Gunslinger x Bounty Hunter
    Lawman x Prostitute
    Native American x Native American
    Native American Warrior x Lawman's Daughter
    Confederate Soldier x Union Nurse/Widow
    Union Soldier x Confederate Nurse/Widow
    WWII American Soldier/Bomber x WASP Pilot/American Widow
    WWII British Soldier/Bomber x WASP Pilot/American or British Widow
    Aristocrat Vampire x Human (Victorian Era)
    Human x Royal Vampire (Modern)
    Vampire Hunter x Vampire (Historical or Modern)
    Possessed Husband/Boyfriend x Wife/Girlfriend
    Husband/Boyfriend x Possessed Wife/Girlfriend
    High School/College Professor x Undercover Journalist/Cop
    Space Pirate x Kidnapped Princess
    Space Pirate x Space Pirate
    Space Pirate x Officer
    Officer x Space Pirate
    Colonial Marine x Colonial Marine/Doctor/Anthropologist/Archaeologist
    Colonial Marine x Native (Human)
    Psychiatrist x Patient
    Secret Agent x Secret Agent (60's/70's Era or Modern)
  2. I'll do human x royal vampire
  3. hey :) How's it going? The notebook caught my eye out of the fandoms but I am totally down for any of the originals. Any of them you have been craving to do? I'd love to do one with you if you are free.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.