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  1. I don't ask for much but I expect no less than what I ask for. It's all crazy easy simple stuff I promise. :p

    I need a partner that is active at least once a day. I understand things can get chaotic at times and that's fine,I just want a heads up should my partner need to vanish for a few days/weeks. At the least an apology if he/she falls off the planet without a word.

    I will not,unless both your arms have fallen off and you're forced to type with your nose,accept a one line as a response. It is near impossible to respond to that. If you find yourself at a loss just let me know and we can chat and figure something out. ^_^

    I'm sure I don't have to explain why I dislike someone who god modes,or if I have to be the one to move the plot along. It is our roleplay and we both need to add excitement and keep it going.

    I like to keep a side conversation going. Staying in touch and discussing the plot and just chatting reassures me I'm not being ditched. That and I like to get to know my partners a little.

    I'm not set on a plot as of yet. I have far too much I enjoy to decide. Besides, discussing with my partners is a favorite thing to do.

    I like to play female,but I am okay to play male. Any species,and time setting is all good. Fantasy is my favorite. Total lord of the rings nerd :p

    That's all really. Please send me a message with any questions you might have ^_^
  2. Hello dear!
    I'm Lily and I'd love to roleplay with you.
    I'm into supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror roleplays! I like to include action and sometimes romance in these genres.
  3. If your still looking for someone I'd love to roleplay with you. I haven't in a while and I'm looking for something really fun to do that will help me get back into the flow of things
  4. Why did I not get a notification?! Good thing I checked. :)

    I'm totally free,Waters&lily. The few partners I had lined up either bolted or had other priorities above me.

    I'll shoot you both a pm today. :3
  5. If you need/want another partner I'm so up for it :) I like fantasy and I have seen some lord of the rings (tho i've never rped it)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.