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    1.) I am a college student and a high school student. Therefore, I have double the homework.

    2.) I am dually enrolled in a collegiate high school. Therefore, patience is valued.

    3.) I am 16 years old. Therefore, I will only roleplay with those who are my age or older.

    4.) All of my roleplays, or most of them, I intend to have mature themes.

    5.) Regarding sexual themes, I will discuss that thoroughly with my partner, be they adults or teenagers.

    6.) I usually write around three to seven paragraphs, but it isn't required. Replies exceedingly long are not encouraged.

    7.) I am always busy or super tired. I will communicate through PM, but I cannot promise a reply daily.

    8.) There are writing styles I enjoy and others I don't. Do not feel offended if I decline your interest.

    9.) In the case of number eight, hopefully you'll have some sort of writing sample waiting for me.

    10.) I enjoy fanciful posting format. Default font, colored speeches, and colored fieldsets, etc.


    1.) Be capable of writing little to no fluff. Quality over quantity.

    2.) Please be able to handle most of the triggers I've listed down. Many of my roleplays tend to have most of them.

    3.) Be aggressive and be collaborative. Share your ideas, plot with me, and throw in plot twists.

    4.) Please be patient while you wait for a reply in our roleplay. If you constantly bug me, I will no longer partake in our roleplay.

    5.) Realistic character pictures. I will not do anime. Digital art is perfectly fine as well.

    6.) Advance the plot forward. Don't be overly passive!

    7.) Please be capable of carrying out full scenes. We can discuss more in depth during plot discussion.

    8.) Grammar and spelling, as well as proper punctuation is stressed. I don't want to see obvious errors.

    9.) No one liners. The minimum I expect is at least one paragraph, but I'd much prefer something akin to three or more.

    10.) I write in third person, past tense. I will not write in second or first person.

    11.) Details, details, details. Use sensory details and descriptive imagery. Whatever you need to build more detail, please use it to your advantage, but don't over detail everything.

    12.) I am willing to go with intermediate to advanced. I prefer adept and advanced though.

    13.) Italicize thoughts and "quote" your character's speech.

    14.) Be willing and capable of handling more than one character, particularly NPCs.

    Science Fiction

    Slice of Life**

    Kidnapping, Gothic Elements, Sex, Action, Hate Crush, Love Affairs, Antiheroism, Love Interests, Guns, Swords, Paganism, Plot Twists, Interpersonal Conflicts, Flirting, Sensual Activity, Dynamic Characters, Monsters, Demonic Elements, Supernatural, Angst, Character Development, War, Forbidden Love, Feud, Horror Elements, Sexual Tension, Vampires, Paranormal, Illicit Relationships, Dragons, Tribes, Royalty, Angels, Violence, Elves, Animism, Magic, Nobility, Occult, Witchcraft, Faeries, Love Triangles, Sexual Themes

    I would really love to do a grimdark high fantasy with a medieval-esque feel to it, alongside mature themes, including but not limited to violence and blood with paranormal elements and religious themes. It'd be cool to have the main genre be adventure and I would also love it to have romantic subplot between a high class man whose religious views are different from a mundane-looking woman whose pagan, but carries more secrets than being a pagan. The setting would be in an otherworldly country about the size of Ireland, everyone ruled by one king under autocracy, society's system being patriarchy. There would be all kinds of species, maybe more than your generic elves, dwarves, orcs, and men, perhaps creatures that derive from Celtic mythology. I'd love it if the man was either an antihero or heroic blood knight.***

    *Romance as a main focus is very limited in my repertoire. I need a fleshed out plotline with lots of wiggle room.
    **I can do this, I just prefer not too, unless there's a fleshed out plotline and you can help keep it interesting.
    ***I'd prefer someone who's 18 or older. Someone who has experience with grimdark, as well as playing antihero and/or heroic blood knight.
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