Partner Request!? No, I Demand Satisfaction!

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  1. Oh, maybe this isn't the place to exactly be demanding things. However, I am indeed looking for a roleplay partner. I'm not sure I have any plots inside my head yet, just characters that need partners. To be completely fair, my characters move on their own. I wish they didn't sometimes, they just love to interr-

    [SHUT UP! We can introduce ourselves.]

    Mafael... please, I was just getting to-

    [Too slow! And now it's time for me to impress the ladies!]

    (By looking like a hot mess?)


    I really will have to do their introductions now... before I lose any more control of them. So here goes nothing I suppose. The rude loud mouth is Mafael. He's got black hair and is a bit on the hot headed side. I wish he wasn't the stereotype but he kind of is. However, it's kind of hard for him to look scary and manly with those fox ears on his head.


    Oh give it a rest. Without an image I have to be thorough with my details. Furthermore, the alter ego inside me, Dr. Crow couldn't resist being such a smart ass. Anyway, he's relatively normal aside from the ears and minor supernatural powers and by minor, I mean he doesn't know how to do much except change his clothes and hairstyle. Thank goodness there's no one around to teach him otherwise. Even though it would be nice for a woman to upgrade that homeless look of his.


    You're too loud. Don't you have something better to do besides pester me while I try to demand I mean, politely request a partners. This probably wasn't very helpful so I'm just going t kip the rest of his introduction for now. I have a feeling he'll just blurt out everything eventually.

    The quiet one is Cypress. He's an asshole and probably my brother. He excels at snappy come backs and being a smart ass. He is very ambitious and only cares about getting himself further in life. As you can imagine he is not very fun to be around. He sees everyone as pawns to be used to further his position in almost everything, but I digress. He's incredibly attractive and he is not above being in a relationship so long as it benefits him. Then Cypress will drop you like a wet and used tissue. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    There's absolutely nothing charming about Cypress other than his good looks. He's a very power hungry person who just so happens to have this one ability that allows him to live forever. Such is the fate of the God of Deception. Just because he's a god doesn't mean he can do extraordinary things. About all he can do is master the art of deception and step on mortals. If you still think there might be some good in him yet, take him on as a character in your beloved ONExONE. I cannot guarantee pleasant results however.

    EDIT: If you're interested, you know send me a PM or comment down below. Or even write on my profile page, whatever tickles your fancy.
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  2. Very interesting post. Very unique.
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  3. This... Just.. THIS.
    If I could give you never-ending love I would.
    Yet, that would be a bit much, yes? Need a little hate, or something to equal out that over abundance of love. Cake, perhaps? Gems, even? Who knows.

    However, many kudos on this character. He's absolutely splendid in the most dark of ways! Should ever you need one to do scene with him, do let me know? I play both male and female.
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  4. The amount of responses I got to this were extraordinary! I was unaware I could demand satisfaction! I will be patiently awaiting more responses. Don't be scared... I'm only sadistic 99.99% of the time.
  5. Well I have to say, the RP partner requests were substantial! I'm glad so many of you were interested in roleplaying with me. When I have more time, I will be sure to make more demands! For those of you who never got to see this, I'm sure you're all very disappointed, but don't worry everyone will get a turn should they so desire it.

    STATUS: Partner Demands Fulfilled

    (You really are an arrogant asshole QM...)

    Mafael, here's how I feel about that statement...