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  1. Hey, I'm looking for a long-term rp partner(s) for a few original plots that I have. I'm done with school now and so I'm looking to renew rping! The colored text is the character that I would prefer to rp with. Some of these are super sorry. Also, some of these have plots some don't cus I couldn't think of any. All plots are subject to change if you decide to rp with me. :)


    1. Teacher x Student
    A is a troubled student, or at least that's what her teachers say. She ran with the wrong crowd and came late to school. That's when B steps in. He's new to the school and hasn't lost hope in kids yet. He takes an interest in A, seeing how all of the other teachers ignore her. Offering to tutor her so she can graduate on time, B's interest goes further than a teacher x student bond.

    2. Twins
    These twins used to be close. As they grew up they became distant. Realizing he misses his "big" brother, one decides to try and renew their relationship with his older brother, but his feelings go beyond brotherly love. After one drunken night, Pandora's box is opened. Will it destroy their rekindled brotherly bond, or will it become something stronger?

    3. Foster brother x Charge ( MxM)
    Travis, 22 years old, is the sole heir to his father's fortune 500 company. He was stoic, although others would choose the term reserved or asshole to describe him. His father was much the same, however his mother was the one with the heart in the family. Travis himself was taken in at age 15, but never shared much about his past. Now at 22 years old, his mother decided to take in another charge more down and out than Travis had been. Will he be able to help him?

    4. Neko x Master
    No one knew when or how it started. Suddenly there was the discovery of human's with animal traits. Of course you had those who were in awe, those who were afraid, and those who had no qualms about taking advantage of it. Not long after their discovery, human's from all over were being round up by the Freak Show, a circus long since dead seeking it's revival in modern-day. When MC was just a small todder, he was swept up by the owner of the Freak Show and put on display. YC, the child of a wealthy family, comes to the show and is in awe of all of the acts. YC takes particular interest in MC and will not take no from the show owner. YC purchases my character for entertainment.


    MC is a runaway from the Freak Show. While on his escape he is picked up by YC under the ruse of help. After accepting help from YC, mine becomes trapped in YC house, where he is forced to be your maid or else YC will turn him back into the circus. The ring leader of the circus finds out where MC has run off to and will stop at nothing to get his prized act back.

    5. slave x master
    In a post-apocalyptic world, anyone can be a slave. You don't pay rent on time? Slavery to pay it off. You make someone higher on the food chain angry? Slavery to get rid of you. You're a royal and there's a coup detat? Slavery because you have no more money. It's a hard life out there. MC is the son of a royal who was overthrown. He was born into slavery and known no other way of life. YC is an aristocrat looking for a new maid to keep his new summer home clean. When cleaning his new master's home, MC see's a picture of his mother hanging on the wall, a family friend. Will he be renewed to power in his home country or will his slave status keep him down?

    6. kidnapper x kidnapped

    7. Soulmates (I really wanna do this!)
    When you're born you are given a marker. It is unique to you and one other person on the planet. That person is your soulmate, but what happens when you're engaged to someone else? YC doesn't believe that you are made to love one person. They believe that love is fluid and you can choose who you love. MC and YC bump into each other on the train one day and realize they have the same marker but YC will have none of it. YC is happily engaged to someone else who they are determined to spend the rest of their life with, but the connection to MC is undeniable. There is something there beyond just a marker. It's something deeper, instinctual. Will YC take the leap or stay with the one they thought they loved?

    8. Chambermaid x King/Prince
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  2. I'm interested but I you don't have any roleplays in your recent posts. I'd like to get a writing sample, since these writing levels Iwaku give mean different things for everybody and I'd like to know for sure what you're looking for.
  3. Aaah I'd do #1 with you but I'm a blue star. :(
  4. Is there something important about these stars I don't understand? Cause if there is it's gonna drive me crazy if someone doesn't explain
    Also I would enjoy to do the twin rp, I'd prefer mxf but if you really want to do mxm ill do it)
  5. we can do twin mxf if you'd like. and it's just based on age. blue star is under 18 and red star is over 18. it's to keep things from being inappropriate cus itd be hella weird for like a 28 yr to do a sexual rp with someone whose like 14. But pm me and we can plan out an rp :)
  6. Oh so that's what it means when I first saw it I just kinda thought it had something to do with those fire and ice things you chose when you made your account
  7. i have no idea what those fire and ice things are like at all lol
  8. Me neither xD)
  9. #3 sounds interesting, if you'd be willing to do that with a blue star ;~;
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