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  1. Hello~ My name is Mary, but most people just call me Dip, Dippy, or Eggs. I'm looking for a rp partner, and possibly a long-term one!

    Some of my favorite scenarios are Romantic, Science Fiction, and Fantasy! The 'Heart-Break' part usually means that something quite possibly bad could ( I stress could! I'm okay with anything, really. And by heart-break, I usually mean like breaking the characters. Call me heartless, but its just... Fun. Feel free to ask more about it! ) happen to my protagonists or yours.

    The Sci-Fi part is a little crossed with the Fantasy, in the case that I have most of my characters as Monsters. ( Meaning, Cyclopes and Oni Demons, and even Ghosts! But I could easily remove the monster-like characteristics and roleplay them as normal humans. ) I even have a small little world, that is indeed Eath, but the entire scenario itself is based off of the idea of the idea that humans advance into these Monster-like beings, but most technology stays the same.

    If you would like to roleplay about anything, please, tell me! I really can't wait to rp with all of you!
  2. You sound like a lot of fun to rp with. So explain a bit more on the heart-break stuff, it sounds interesting. :)
  3. Yeah, i kinda want more info too.
  4. what a beautifully strange compilation of scenarios. I love it. I'd love t play out something like this with you.
  5. I enjoy romantic role plays, especially those with heart break.

    I prefer to play female, but I have no problem doubling up ( So we each play one woman, one man )
    I like to have sex scenes, so I typically do my role plays in Mature (A) Forum, but you have to 18 to do them there.

    I have a few questions.

    1- Are you 18 or older?
    2- Are you comfortable with sexual scenes?
    3- Do you prefer playing male or female?
    4- Do you mind doubling up?

    :) Sorry for all the questions.
  6. Oh gosh, I'm sorry for just getting back to you guys right now! I didn't check this thread till just now. The rest of them have just been empty or completely disregarded. And I just learned how to subscribe to some threads! Haha, but I'll answer all of your questions via PM (( I dont want to clutter this thread. ))
  7. Oh! I'm definitely interested ;) PM me if you'd like ^.^