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Hello, hello.

Now it's been some time since I've been on here and even longer since I was able to engage in a rp with pretty much anyone. So forgive me for being a bit vague and probably not quite up to snuff. So here I am looking to jump back into the fray with a partner that has patience on the level of godly. Now before I get into specifics on genres I need to let everyone know up front what my schedule is. One of the reasons why I am looking for a one on one partner is because I am a new mother. My son is seven months old and takes up most of my day since I stay at home with him. For this reason I fear that I cannot keep up with rapid group roleplays despite the fact I love the creativity that gets brought to them. That being said since I am a stay at home mother I am guaranteed to be able to post at least once or twice a day. So If you're OK with a bit of a slow response please, please, keep reading.

Now onto genres. To be honest I am not super picky. I pretty much love all the genres available though I am more keen to take an interest in anything riddled with fantasy. I can do modern fantasy, new world or even a spin off of something previously established via book or television series. I am more adept at playing female roles but am willing to play males and since it is a one on one, various extras to fill in the background. Violence, adult themes are also welcomed. Though I am not a big fan of writing lengthy sex scenes so if that was to come into play it would mostly be get in and out. I love suspense, horror, twists and turns. Throw in some angst and a sense of impending doom for flavor. With all of this said I am also not about to rule out slice of life scenarios. Just living to live; though plot is still always key. School settings, business settings, open world, modern, space, you name it. As of at the moment I don't have a specific idea or plot rolling around in my head and am open to suggestions.

All I ask of you is to bring with you creativity, patience and maybe good chunky paragraphs for me to work with.

I appreciate all of those who have read all the way to the end.
Hope to see some replies soon!
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Hello there!

I am always open to a new RP! I would love to get together and think of something if you'd like? Just send me a message if you're interested!
I too, have a crazy schedule, so there are times when I am more or less available.

I love fantasy, medieval, adult-themed (although same as you, not very into pages and pages of sex scenes). I love stories that have various extras, and have some character death. Honestly, I'll play pretty much anything with a plot, but I seem to write better when writing females.

I can send you a writing example if you would like to see some of my work?
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