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  1. My idea is this:

    Alright, so, there is a man who begins to work for a drug lord because he needs the money and will be paid richly. He meets this woman at a bar or on the beach and the two are attracted to one another almost immediately. She is the niece or daughter or granddaughter of the drug lord who has employed the man. He does not know this and she does not know that he works for her uncle or whomever we choose.

    Ideally I would like to play the female in this story but I would be open to discussing MxM or FxF as well. There can be violence in this, I am more than open to that. There is more info I have on this subject so if you would be interested please let me know.

    Thank you~
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  2. Requests for planned smut must be solicited in the age locked sections, would you like me to move this?
  3. Nope. I edited it.
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