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  1. Rps been a little slow lately with me, so I've decided to try something small and go OneXOne. And after really thinking about, I've got plenty of ideas ready to go! So here's just two!

    1) Heart of Steel: Yuna Tensai is a High School student at the top of the junior class at Chishiki no Kamigami Academy. Her interest in Science and Technology lead her down the the path of perfecting her skills of Engineering; in time enhancing her work ethic and turning her into a school-wide prodigy. Her work and time paid off for her and her family. She was offered jobs with major companies like: Mac/Apple and Microsoft. She eventually moved up the latter to Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Military Science, Architect, and so on. These privileges earned her, and her family, enough riches to where she was able to afford her own home at the age of 17 on May 15; she was moved out of the house three months prior to her birthday.

    Her reputation did not bode well for her social status as she was shunned for her brain. Eventually any friends she had before had abandoned her entirely, leaving her with herself and her knowledge. As much as she found it possible for her to skip into college, she longed to live like a normal girl and finish fairly. However, her loneliness was catching up to her.

    February 1, 2014, Yuna took matters into her own hands through desperation. She studied the human body and biology for weeks into months for a major project. With limitless funding, and a overflowing amount of free time and hard work, Yuna had created a cyborg capable of thinking and acting for itself. She named him Yakusoku(promise). She built him using the most realistic of material, and expensive of combat equipment she hand made. He can bench press a helicopter and out run a speeding train; his functions are put under restraints by Yuna. Yoku possesses artificial memories that Yuna created to keep him by her side, hoping he would not question his origin. Yuna thawed him out from his cryo-chamber about a week and three days away from Valentine's Day so that she could have someone to spend it with.

    From there the story will be built, but help would be appreciated. Please?

    2) Halo 4 Fanbased--Crimson: Me and a partner take on the role of Fireteam Crimson in Halo 4's Spartan Ops story. The aim of the RP is to show Crimson's side of the story: dialogue, thoughts, how they came to Infinity and why, and what may happen next. Being fanbased I'd like to make use of Screenshots taken in the game to help image the RP. Its a work in progress.

    Tell me your thoughts and get back to me :)
  2. I think that your first idea (Heart of Steel) sounds very interesting. I'm thinking that since you need help (I assume that since you wrote that help would be appreciated?), we could do some plotting till we feel like we are able to give it a try... otherwise I usually start the RP off and me and my partner plot as we go, you know. Anyways I'm interested in your first idea, so feel free to PM me or write here or whatever if you're still interested.