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I'm new here and looking for a few people to do one on one roleplays with!

I like group RP's too, so hopefully I will join one of those sometime too.

I like adventure, action, fantasy, sci-fi, survival horror, mystery.
I also like anime and video games!
Do you like any of these?

I have a list of fandoms and general story ideas at the bottom of this post.

About me

  • I'm 25 years old and male in real life
  • I'm open to many settings including Fantasy, sci-fi, modern
  • I usually post once a day or more
  • My writing style is pretty casual, a few paragraphs per post

  • I role play with males and females (For romance, MxF)
  • I do like romance sometimes, only if the characters actually like each other. I like stories
    without romance too.
  • I like to play canon characters and OC's

Here are are some fandoms and general ideas I would like to do. If you want to role play any of them with me, PM me!

(For fandoms I like using OC's or canon characters, depends on the fandom)

Anime / Video games:
One Piece
Kingdom Hearts
Dragon Ball
Sonic the Hedgehog
Yu Yu Hakusho
Teen Titans
Sword Art Online
Trinity Blood
Samurai Champloo
Rurouni Kenshin

Legend of Zelda
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy
Star Ocean

Star Wars
Mass Effect
Tomb Raider
Resident Evil
Devil May Cry

Original ideas:
Some original ideas I would like to do

Fantasy: Two people go on an adventure to save the kingdom. Storyline, monster battles, gaining powers. Save the land!

Modern: Two people learn that they have powers, while everyone else seems to be normal. They must learn about their powers, how to use them, and to evade those that want to stop them.

Modern: Two people somehow gain superpowers and become superheroes! (Can be original characters or Marvel/DC characters)

Modern: Two people fight to survive in a survival horror story

Sci-fi: Two people go out in space exploring new worlds, battling monsters, trying to find a new world for humanity

Futuristic: Two people are bounty hunter partners. They travel through space to different worlds making money from bounties, until they realize the universe is in danger! They must fight their way to stop rogue enemies from conquering the galaxy!

If any of these sound interesting or you want to RP with me, PM me please! Thanks!

Or if you have any other ideas or fandoms, if we're both familiar with them that is fine too!
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