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Is she cute at least?

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  1. It's three in the morning but idgaf I need a partner for Reagan Carter, a character I posted recently.

    I have plot ideas that revolve around her different situations. She's a college student, a gamer, and a hacker, and each brings different experiences.

    Student Path (open)
    A more life oriented path.
    It begins at a dorm party. Your character and Reagan live in the same dorm hall so like it or not, they get swept up into it. While she's lingering around on the fringes with a SOLO cup full of a mix of vodka and tea, your character notices her and tries to talk. Recommended archetypes: Frat boy w/ heart of gold; Equally antisocial student; Sweetheart party animal

    Gamer Path (open)
    Centered around dates, sex, and occasional gaming sessions. Not too many to keep it interesting.
    Your character is an avid online gamer, but you and your dudebro friends get rekt everytime you go toe to toe with this one person who goes by NanoMashingz. You try RTS, FPS, and even Fighting games and you still can't beat them.As it turns out, NanoMashingz is a girl - and she lives nearby! Maybe it's because you're a fuckboy, or a girl beating you at video games gets you really hard (kinky bastard c;) but you arrange to meet her.
    Recommended archetypes: Fuckboy Supreme Turned Lover; Submissive Gamer; Sweetheart with Douchey Friends

    Hacker Path (open)
    Intended to be more action-packed later on, as different forces get involved. Expect 0 to 60 in point-oh-seven seconds.
    Your either a barista or a patron at the local coffee shop. People come in for Wi-Fi all the time. Occasionally you see people's screens. You've seen it all - porn, trolling, 4chan, and mixes. Sometimes people troll 4chan. But you'd never seen anything like this girl. She was siphoning bank accounts for prophet. She was obviously well off, and it wasn't hard to imagine how. You predict that she's never worked an honest day in her life. On the bright side, she's cute. So, what do you do? Blackmail her, for sex or a date? Or get on her good side hoping she might throw some your way? It's up to you, but make sure it encourages further interaction.
    Recommended archetypes: Youth with a Privacy Invasion Problem; Nosy Barista; BONUS: Apprentice Hacker

    I'll take one partner for each path, so up to three total. I ticked content tags due to what I'm open to - basically everything, if you play your cards right. Kink is actually encouraged, if we're being honest.
    Send a PM with a character to me, or leave one here. Note: Sending via PM tells me you want to rp over PM, while leaving a character tells me you want to rp via thread. Also: Recommended archetypes are not enforced, but go with something that fits.

    Also, to open up my possibilities, I will allow anthros if they fit into a modern setting
  2. Good news everyone! I have decided I am also open to original plots. That said, all three paths have been taken and are no longer available. PM me with plot and CS if you have any ideas!
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