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  1. I'm looking for a girl who's into writing and language and interested in doing one or more 1 x 1 mature/romantic RPs. I'm looking specifically for a woman/women and preferably a queer woman/women. No offense to everyone else, as a lesbian I just prefer playing these with someone I can relate to. I like dramatic/plot-heavy story lines with two central characters and a cast of supporting characters. Here's my list of favorite genre's from my favorite down:

    1. Modern : I enjoy boarding school, road trip, and runaway themes a lot.
    2. Science Fiction : I've never actually done a lesbian sci-fi roleplay but it sounds fun.
    3. Modern - Fantasy : I like vampires and witches too much because I'm a dork.

    I usually play the boyish "top" but that's not set in stone. I'm definitely looking for someone who's interested in suggesting things and giving input on the course of the story. If you're interested please please let me know! :heart: :heart:

    EDIT: Thanks to everyone who replied! I'm all full up on role plays now! :)
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  2. I'm interested in a boarding school rp or an rp in general with you if you wanna message me? :D
  3. I like the modern/Fantasy one. Can we do a thing with that? xD
  4. Yeah, absolutely! Shoot me a PM and we'll figure something out!
  5. Vampie vampyre! I'm easily up for any of those myself if you want me :)
Thread Status:
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